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16 Snacks you can make now and munch on all week

One of the hardest parts about eating healthy is actually finding something to eat.

It’s so hard to convince yourself to take the time to make something healthy when all that prepackaged junk food is so darn convenient. Make things easier on yourself by trying out some of these snack foods with a shelf life. Make them on a day when you have some time and have them ready to munch on when things get hectic.

1. Baked zucchini za’atar chips with Greek yogurt dip

These tasty chips are just as hard to stop eating as the ones you get out of a bag, but you’ll have no reason to feel guilty when you down a whole bowl of these. They keep well in an airtight container and the dip lasts for days in the fridge.

2. Chocolate peanut butter protein balls

These chocolate peanut butter balls are tasty and filled with protein powder.

3. Homemade healthy granola bars

Forget the store-bought granola bars and make a big batch of these. They’ll definitely last all week — if the family doesn’t eat them all before then.

4. Yogurt-dipped berries

It doesn’t get much easier than this. Dip some strawberries in yogurt, freeze and eat. They’re sweet enough to satisfy those midday sugar cravings.

5. Pizza kale chips

You probably never thought it was possible, but we made it happen. We’ve got a recipe that turns kale into pizza-flavored chips. You’re welcome.

6. Apple quinoa parfait

This snack tastes like apple pie. Throw a few in the fridge and snack on them as the craving hits.

7. Homemade maple-toasted pumpkin seed butter

After making this just once, you’ll never buy plain-old peanut butter again. Try this on apples or pretzels for a great snack option.

8. Gluten-free buttermilk, banana and quinoa muffins with crumble topping

Muffins are a great, filling snack, and these ones are a nutritious option.

9. Kale dip

We all know veggies are easier to eat when they’re served with dip, but that kind of gets in the way of the healthy factor, right? Have you ever tried making your veggie dip out of veggies? We did and it’s good! Make a batch of this and cut up a bunch of vegetables for dipping and you’re good to go all week long.

10. No-bake carrot cake energy bites

These little bites taste a lot like carrot cake, but without the guilt. Even better, they’re perfect for on-the-go snacking.

11. Easy-peasy fruit and yogurt popsicles

These easy fruit and yogurt popsicles are quick to make and great to have on-hand. Every time you get a craving for ice cream, grab one of these instead.

12. Raw organic energy bars with cherry drizzle

These great snacks are organic, delicious and easy to make because there’s no baking required.

13. Gluten-free zucchini hummus with homemade peppered crackers

This zucchini hummus is the absolute perfect thing to spread on these homemade peppered crackers. And even better, the whole thing is gluten-free.

14. Frozen banana bites

Just three ingredients is all it takes to create this sweet snack that keeps for weeks in your freezer.

15. Peanut butter yogurt fluff

Some versions of this recipe use marshmallow fluff, but we’ve got an option that is much better for you.

16. Sea salt chocolate-dipped fruit snacks

The sweetness of the fruit and chocolate, combined with a coating of sea salt, makes this a perfect snack meant to quench all cravings.

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