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Domino’s Fifty Shades-inspired ad makes us never want pizza again


SheKnows Editorial

I could barely look at Domino’s Israel new vomit-inducing Sriracha pizza ad long enough to write this article.

That’s how bad it is.

An ultra-realistic human tongue, suspended by its wrists (?!), with a ball gag in its mouth (also ?!), wearing studded leather panties, S&M toys on the floor… Now, who’s hungry for pizza?

Yeah, that’s what I thought.

Presumably the new ad is meant to demonstrate the pleasure and pain the spicy Sriracha pizza will inflict on your mouth. Instead it inflicts nothing but pain on my eyes and my psyche.

The tagline “You’re going to suffer and enjoy every moment” could have worked in another context — like, even just that line against a picture of the new pizza would have done the trick. It’s almost insulting how literal they went with this ad. We obviously get the sly nod to BDSM in the tagline — we don’t need to see an enslaved bondage tongue to get it. Sriracha = spicy, spicy = good. It’s that simple, Domino’s. Sheesh.

But they’ve made their bed, and now they can lie in it. Alone. Because there’s no way I’m going anywhere near the sick minds that thought up this truly disturbing ad — whether pizza is involved or not.

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