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17 Thoughts you have when trying European chocolate for the first time

We love chocolate. No, I mean we love it. But if you’ve only ever had American chocolate, you’re just missing out.

While the Swiss are known as the best chocolatiers in the world, that doesn’t mean they’re the only game in Europe. Indeed, it’s impossible to find a country in Europe whose worst chocolate isn’t 20 times better than the stuff in the States. The minute you bite into a fine nugget of European chocolate, your head will spin with a multitude of thoughts, all leading to one unfortunate conclusion — you’ll never eat American chocolate again.

1. Where have you been all my life?

woman eating chocolate bar quickly

Image: Giphy

2. Click, click, type, type, type… “Jobs in Switzerland”

guy typing on computer

Image: Giphy

3. What do you think of American chocolate now?

michelle obama ew face

Image: Giphy

4. Show me where you want me to lick you.

tina fey brownie husband on S.N.L.

Image: NBC/Yahoo! TV

5. If there’s no chocolate in heaven, I’ll just stay here.

juliet on the balcony wearing wings under fireworks

Image: Giphy

6. OK, there are 200 calories in an ounce of this stuff, so if I skip dinner I can have…

Marilyn monroe thinking

Image: Giphy

7. Anything would taste good with this drizzled on it… slowly.

chocolate slathering over banana

Image: Giphy

8. Will work for Godiva.

I love lucy eating truffles in chocolate factory

Image: Giphy

9. What wine do you pair this with? Never mind. Who needs the wine?

creepy guy pouring girl wine

Image: Giphy

10. I wonder how many pairs of Pradas I’d have to sell to keep myself in this year-round.

girl rolling in shoes

Image: Giphy

11. Mmmm… antioxidants.

guys singing about their blood type being nutella on S.N.L.

Image: Giphy

12. Now I know what she was having.

when harry met sally orgasm in the diner scene

Image: Giphy

13. I could get used to this…

boy eating chocolate cake from matilda

Image: Giphy

14. Who needs a man?

man sexy butt dance from S.N.L.

Image: Giphy

15. The European stuff really is better…

jean claude van damme eating chocolate

Image: Giphy

16. …No, like way better…

theo james seductive look

Image: Giphy

17. …No, like, “damn, girl!” better.

alexander skarsgard nude scene from true blood

Image: Giphy

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