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14 Simple ingredient swaps that make vegan eating easy (INFOGRAPHIC)

If going vegan is Greek to you, this handy ingredient swap guide will point you in the right direction. For most people, eating vegan seems like a complicated diet that is difficult to maintain — until you realize how many seamless non-vegan-to-vegan substitutes there really are.

Most vegan swaps work like an even exchange so that you won’t even notice the switch. For example, a glass of almond milk can be just as tasty (or even tastier, many vegans argue) as a glass of dairy milk. Scramble up some tofu instead of eggs in the morning, and see who complains.

With a few of these swaps in your back pocket, eating vegan doesn’t have to be all that hard — or intimidating.

Vegan food swaps
Image: SheKnows

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