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Wine ice cream is the best new way to get your buzz on


SheKnows Editorial

Ice cream or wine? It’s a choice no one should ever have to make. Now, thanks to Green Creek Winery in Columbus, North Carolina, you’ll never have to!

The culinary wizards at Green Creek are making the dreams of oenophiles and ice cream junkies alike come true, with five flavors of their new wine ice cream. And apparently they’re one of only two places in the entire country that makes it! Road trip, anyone?

The flavors sound amazing, and they pack an alcoholic punch too — this dessert is strictly for the 21-and-over set. You can choose from red raspberry and sauvignon blanc, red grape and pinot noir, chocolate merlot, strawberry and chard and peach with riesling. I’ll have one of each, please!
Fortunately Green Creek isn’t the only purveyor of wine-scream. Mercer’s wine ice cream out of Boonville, New York, offers up several flavors as well and thankfully ships to many stores throughout the country (and a few international locales too). Find a location near you here.

Is wine ice cream still out of your geographic reach? You can make it at home! Try a version made with dessert wine here, or go bold and make a cabernet ice cream here. Either way, I think we can all agree that wine + ice cream = heaven!

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