McDonald’s finally reveals the secret behind their fries (VIDEO)

Fast-food companies are under constant scrutiny for how their food is made and the ingredients they use. Now, McDonald’s attempts to provide more transparency by revealing where its fries come from and how they are made. Television personality Grant Imahara decides to follow McDonald’s fries from the restaurant and through the factory, hoping he will find a real potato in his hand by the end of it.
While Grant was successful in finding that McDonald’s does make its fries from real potatoes, some questions remain unanswered. In another video, Grant reveals the ingredients used to cook the fries — all 19 of them. Thankfully the main ingredient is still potatoes. As he breaks down the ingredient list and their functions, several are hard to pronounce, and others come unexpected (natural beef flavor?).
These videos are part of McDonald’s series titled Our Food. Your Questions, in which Grant goes through McDonald’s facilities to answer consumers’ questions about its food. Since the series started, the fast-food chain has answered questions about the beef used in its burgers and the ingredients in its chicken nuggets, and has taken a skeptical tweeter on a tour of how the McRib is made, revealing that maybe its food practices are not so bad after all.

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