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You won’t believe how Korean girls react to tasting American snacks (VIDEO)


SheKnows Editorial

Here in the USA, a lot of us have a complicated relationship with snacks.

How many times have you sat down with a bag of junk food and thought to yourself, “This is gross. What is this even made of? Why am I eating this?” And in your quest to discover just that, downed the whole bag? Well, it turns out these Korean girls tasting American snack foods for the first time can relate!

Pop Tarts taste “like a toy,” salt and vinegar chips are “such a waste of potatoes,” and don’t even get them started on Twizzlers.

But whether or not you agree with those tasting notes, I think we can all agree with one of the intrepid snacker’s comments on Cheez-Its: “Seriously, though, this would be the bomb with alcohol.”

See what they think of the rest of the snacks in the video below. I wonder what they’d think of the new Red Velvet Oreos?

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