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Kids try escargot and the results are hysterical (VIDEO)

I can say, without a doubt, that if I had been presented with escargot as a child, I would have dived under the table, hoping to find a stray chicken nugget somewhere. Apparently kids these days are a little more adventurous when it comes to eating.

Now, they are still kids and, as expected, provided some awesome commentary upon first glance of the gourmet nibbles. Some of my favorites include “It kinda looks like poo,” “Is this a food?” followed by gagging and “They smell like sewer.” Note to the escargot industry: Do not employ children to promote your product.

After some protesting, the taste test begins, and the results might surprise you. Except the girl who proclaimed, “Sometimes they crawl over dog poop!” That one didn’t surprise me, because I was sitting here thinking exactly the same thing.

Watch the video to see all the hilarious thoughts these kids have on escargot. You’ve got to hand it to them for trying… I’m not sure I could be convinced today. Maybe after some wine. And by some wine, I mean bottles.

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