29 Recipes to make before January is over

Jan 22, 2015 at 11:00 a.m. ET

The holidays are over, and we're all eating lots of kale and other leafy greens that make us feel better about all the cookies we ate in December, right? Wrong. I don't know about you, but it's cold, and I'm still craving hearty, belly-warming comfort food, diets be damned.

If you're feeling like me, then these are the recipes you should definitely think about making before January is over. Some of them even include some kale to go with all that cheesy, carby goodness. You know... to keep you on track with your resolutions.


1. Wheat berry oatmeal with caramelized bananas recipe

wheat berry oatmeal

Though I'm not normally a big fan of oatmeal's mushy texture, this wheat berry version offers a bit more bite. Plus, bonus points for caramelized bananas.

2. Mini peanut butter and jelly pancake stacks recipe

peanut butter and jelly pancakes

Tiny pancakes infused with the very best childhood flavor combo = most amazing breakfast ever.

3. Gluten-free creamy cinnamon quinoa and acorn squash breakfast bowl recipe

quinoa breakfast bowl

Quinoa has made its way into every meal of the day, and this breakfast bowl looks like the perfect blend of savory and sweet.

4. Homemade spiked gingerbread caramel latte recipe

gingerbread latte

What? You don't spike your morning latte? OK, fine. Make it without the booze for breakfast. But I'm telling you... you're missing out.

5. Vegan vanilla agave cashew milk hot chocolate recipe

vegan hot chocolate

A booze-free alternative to the above beverage. Also, completely vegan.

Snacks and lunch

6. Homemade maple-toasted pumpkin seed butter recipe

pumpkin seed butter

Once you see how easy homemade nut butter is, you'll never buy the expensive store-bought jars again.

7. Tahini-free edamame hummus recipe

edamame hummus

Having a sesame allergy is no fun, but this tahini-free edamame hummus will make you feel better.

8. Spicy Italian stuffed bread recipe

stuffed bread

It's like a hasselback potato, but with bread. So obviously it's better.

9. Mini kielbasa-jalapeño cornbread muffins recipe

mini kielbasa muffins

Great for a game day crowd or for a day when you want to inhale all the spicy mini muffins yourself.

10. Easy chicken enchilada pinwheels recipe

chicken pinwheels

It doesn't seem like pinwheels get the love they once did. Time to bring back this classic snack.

11. Grilled cheese sandwiches with roasted red peppers, arugula and fried egg recipe

egg-topped grilled cheese

#Putaneggonit, and these open-faced cheesy sandwiches go from good to great.

12. Lentil and veggie sloppy Joes recipe

lentil veggie sloppy joes

They're still sloppy, but they're meatless.

13. Gluten-free grilled havarti sandwiches with cauliflower "bread" recipe

grilled cheese with cauliflower bread

Sneak some cauliflower onto the menu by disguising it as a gooey grilled cheese.

Soups and stews

14. Spicy sharp cheddar beer cheese soup recipe

beer cheese soup

It's soup. Made of cheese. And beer. You're welcome.

15. Carrot, parsnip and potato chowder with Parmesan crisps recipe

roasted vegetable chowder

I know it's wrong that I want to make this just for the Parmesan crisps, but can you blame me?

16. Slow cooker cauliflower and roasted red pepper bisque recipe

slow cooker red pepper bisque

It doesn't get much easier than this vegetable-packed slow cooker soup.

17. One-pot hearty beer-infused chicken stew recipe

one-pot chicken stew

Also on the easy list: one-pot stew. Throw it all in, and dig into tender chicken an hour and a half later.

18. Slow cooker kale, black bean and root vegetable stew recipe

slow cooker kale stew

For non-kale lovers, this stew is a good way to introduce the leafy green.


19. Cauliflower cream risotto with sun-dried tomatoes recipe

cauliflower risotto

Jump on the cauliflower bandwagon with this creamy risotto.

20. Baked spaghetti squash casserole recipe

spaghetti squash casserole

For when you're trying to be healthier but still want all the cheese.

21. Citrus fajitas with mushrooms, red peppers and Brussels sprouts recipe

veggie fajitas

Delicious fajitas on Meatless Monday are indeed possible.

22. Creamy Meyer lemon pasta recipe

creamy meyer lemon pasta

I would almost put up with winter all year long for Meyer lemon dishes like this one.

23. Kale and wild rice casserole recipe

kale and wild rice casserole

Another good way to get more kale on the menu.

24. Shrimp scampi bake with lemon-chile panko recipe

shrimp scampi bake

A twist on shrimp scampi in just 30 minutes. Sounds like tonight's dinner.

25. Barbecue chicken-stuffed sweet potatoes with broccoli slaw recipe

stuffed sweet potatoes

The perfect all-in-one dinner.

26. Noodleless pad thai recipe

noodleless pad thai

Because when you're eating low-carb, you still crave takeout.

27. Vegetarian barbecue shepherd's pie recipe

vegetarian shepherds pie

Shepherd's pie is the ultimate comfort food dish, even when it's meatless.


28. Zucchini-carrot Bundt cake recipe

zucchini carrot bundt cake

Any time I can get a serving of veggies in my dessert, I'm happy. That makes it calorie free, right?

29. Vegan chocolate-dipped cinnamon brown rice crispy treats recipe

vegan rice krispies treats

Something tells me these are just a bit better for me than those Rice Krispies Treats I used to eat.

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