21 Pancake Recipes Worth Getting Out of Bed Early For

There’s no doubt about it. Breakfast foods are definitely the best. Can you think of any other meal that so swiftly interchanges with others? Besides the occasional slice of cold pizza, “dinner for breakfast” just doesn’t have the same ring to it as “breakfast for dinner.” And pancakes, my friends, are the best part of breakfast — which makes them the best of the best.

A stack of pancakes drenched in sweet maple syrup… Who wouldn’t want to devour that for dinner (or lunch or dessert for that matter)? We’re listing our favorite pancake recipes — everything from simple buttermilk pancakes to over-the-top, crazy-delicious pancakes.

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1. Banana bread pancakes recipe

banana pancakesImage: Foodie Crush

Start off your day with a batch of these banana bread pancakes, and what could go wrong? Nothing.

2. Skinny funfetti pancakes recipe

funfetti pancakesImage: Something Swanky

If your loved one is watching their weight, then make them a stack of these skinny funfetti pancakes — delicious and still healthy.

3. Reese’s syrup and double chocolate pancakes recipe

reese's pancakesImage: Oh, Sweet Basil

Reese’s syrup and double chocolate pancakes is the perfect stack for those lovers obsessed with chocolate.

4. Guiltless chocolate chip pancakes recipe

chocolate chip pancakesImage: Gimme Some Oven

Another perfect option for a loved one who’s still working on healthier resolutions, these guiltless chocolate chip pancakes include mini chocolate chips — probably the most fun ingredient ever.

5. Earl Grey tea pancakes recipe

tea pancakesImage: I Am a Food Blog

Does your special someone love tea? Then these Earl Grey tea pancakes will make them swoon.

6. Bacon-stuffed pancake dippers recipe

bacon pancakes

OK, here’s one for those sweet and savory lovers: bacon-stuffed pancake dippers.

7. Espresso chip pancakes recipe

espresso pancakesImage: Dessert for Two

Does your spouse consume more espresso shots than you can count? A stack of these gorgeous espresso chip pancakes will make them even more caffeinated and in love.

8. Oreo pancakes recipe

oreo pancakes

Oreo pancakes, for that boyfriend or girlfriend who sneaks the cookies in the middle of the night.

9. Boston cream pie pancakes recipe

boston cream pie pancakesImage: Wanna Be a Country Cleaver

Boston cream pie pancakes become extra special if your lover is from this city.

10. Red velvet pancakes with cream cheese glaze recipe

red velvet pancakes

Our red velvet pancakes with cream cheese glaze are the perfect Valentine’s Day breakfast.

11. Chocolate lover’s pumpkin-fudge brownie pancakes with chocolate Kahlua fudge recipe

chocolate pancakesImage: Half Baked Harvest

Seriously, how amazing do these chocolate lover’s pumpkin-fudge brownie pancakes with chocolate Kahlua fudge look?

12. Strawberry, chia seed and cashew butter pancakes recipe

berry pancakes

Is your lover a health nut? Make them these strawberry, chia seed and cashew butter pancakes, and they’ll know you truly love them and respect their healthy habits at the same time.

13. Lemon-ricotta pancakes with blueberry sauce recipe

lemon pancakesImage: Damn Delicious

Ricotta is a great addition to pancakes because it adds great texture and moistness to pancakes, like in these lemon-ricotta pancakes with blueberry sauce.

14. Caramel apple pancakes recipe

apple pancakes

Use up those gorgeous seasonal apples, and make a batch of our caramel apple pancakes.

15. Lemon-chia seed pancakes with roasted strawberries recipe

lemon pancakesImage: Two Peas & Their Pod

We’re seeing more and more chia seeds in recipes because honestly, they are the perfect way to make a recipe healthier without much thought, like in these lemon-chia seed pancakes with roasted strawberries.

16. Apple ring pancakes recipe

apple ring pancakes

Use a variety of apples in these apple ring pancakes for great flavor. We love using tart Granny Smith apples for bright flavor.

17. Buttermilk-sweet potato pancakes with coconut whipped cream recipe

sweet potato pancakesImage: How Sweet It Is

Have some leftover sweet potato puree? Use it to make a stack of these buttermilk-sweet potato pancakes with coconut whipped cream.

18. Carrot cake pancakes recipe

carrot cake pancakes

Turn sugary carrot cake slices into carrot cake pancakes, and indulge without the regret of calories.

19. Orange, ricotta and chocolate chip pancakes recipe

orange ricotta pancakesImage: Two Peas & Their Pod

Chocolate and citrus fruit work so well together, like in these orange, ricotta and chocolate chip pancakes.

20. Bacon and chocolate pancakes recipe

bacon chocolate pancakes

Salty bacon and sweet chocolate — how can you go wrong with these bacon and chocolate pancakes?

21. Rum and cranberry pancakes with butter rum syrup recipe

rum pancakesImage: Half Baked Harvest

Warm up on chilly winter mornings with these rum and cranberry pancakes with butter rum syrup.

Originally posted February 2015. Updated October 2017.