Colorful bacon is the best way to show Super Bowl team spirit

Team spirit and bacon are two essential elements of any Super Bowl party.

Now, thanks to an ingenious tip from Oh, Bite It!, you can combine the two and rep your favorite team better than ever at your next shindig. The game changer? Colored bacon, of course!

It turns out that with just a little food coloring, bacon, water and time, you can churn out basically any color of meat candy you desire.

blue bacon

Image: Oh, Bite It!

Oh, Bite It! chose blue for the Dallas Cowboys, but the options are nearly endless. And you don’t have to stick to sports team colors either. Orange for Halloween? Why not? Green for a St. Patrick’s Day feast? Sure! Feeling blue that your favorite team lost? Well, misery loves company, and blue bacon heals all wounds!

Will colored bacon be added to the buffet table at your next party?

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