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Pizza Hut ups its game with certified gluten-free pizza

After introducing Sriracha sauce and many other ingredients to its Flavor of Now menu, Pizza Hut reaches out to a new customer base, as it has announced it will be offering a gluten-free option for pepperoni and cheese pizzas in select locations starting on Jan. 26.

Udi’s, a respected gluten-free brand, will provide the crust for the pizzas that will bring this idea to life. In addition, each location will be provided with gluten-free kits, with the toppings and utensils needed to make the pizzas and keep them as far away from gluten as possible.

So far, reactions on Twitter have been mostly positive:

People have recently been reducing their gluten intake or completely eliminating gluten from their diets without being educated about gluten, leaving the gluten-free diet labeled as the latest diet trend, and it was expected to fade. However, The New York Times declared the gluten-free diet was here to stay.

Thus, Pizza Hut is not the first pizza restaurant to offer a gluten-free option to accommodate the needs of its gluten-free customers. Domino’s, Uno’s Chicago Grill and California Pizza Kitchen all offer gluten-free options as well. However, most restaurants do not promote their gluten-free options, nor do they guarantee their product is 100 percent gluten-free. For instance, Domino’s attempt to include a gluten-free option was criticized for not putting a full effort in preventing cross-contamination, and the chain admits to it on its website.

That’s why Pizza Hut answers all its customers’ questions and lets them know that its procedures are GIG-certified. With its new line of gluten-free pizzas, Pizza Hut continues to stay true to its identity of providing customizable pizzas for everyone to enjoy.

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