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4 Foods you should stop eating now and what to eat instead (VIDEO)

I love instant ramen as much as the next guy, but every time I sprinkle that flavor packet full of unpronounceable ingredients into my noodles, I cringe a little. What’s even in there? And why does it taste so good?


Like most everyone, come Jan. 1, I spend some time on the yearly task of reevaluating my diet. Am I eating too much junk? Too much processed food? Too many bowls of MSG-laden carby goodness? The answer is probably yes, since every once in a while I come home from the grocery store with what looks like the shopping bags of a broke college student. 25-cent packages of ramen? Extra-crispy tater tots? Frozen mystery meat burritos? Check, check, check.

As tasty as these foods are, I know I’ll be guilt-eating them at 10 p.m., trying to avoid eye contact with the broccoli as I reach into the fridge for the bottle of Sriracha sauce that goes so perfectly with this type of cuisine.

Rest assured, there is a better way. Check out these healthier alternatives to some of your favorite junk foods, and see if you can quit the ramen, at least for a few months of the new year anyway.

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