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McDonald’s ice cream shocks customer with evil demon face


SheKnows Editorial

I’m guessing the next time someone tells Twitter user @bonerman_inc (I can’t make this stuff up…) to lay off the ice cream, he’ll listen.

Is there anything more innocent than ordering an ice cream sundae for dessert, especially one with vanilla ice cream and a bright strawberry topping? This is the stuff of childhood memories, of saccharine-sweet icy treats that run down your chin in the heat of summer on your way to the big ball game with Dad. Well, it’s safe to say that this is one childhood favorite that will be ruined for almost anyone who sees the photo below.

Thanks a lot, Satan.

Like, this terrifying, grinning skull is too realistic to be an accident. Clearly there is some dark force at work trying to scare us into eating fruit salad for dessert. Then again, a bloody eye socket has never looked so tasty… Is that a real piece of strawberry I see? Maybe next time the demons should try to show up in something slightly more intimidating than an ice cream sundae — perhaps a plate of liver and onions. Or tongue! Yeah, seeing the devil’s face on a gnarly beef tongue at the butcher would definitely scare the you-know-what out of me. I hope you’re taking notes, forces of evil!

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