Fun facts about Diet Coke you might not know (VIDEO)

Most times, “things you need to know about soda” are lists of terrifying facts about how Diet Coke will rust a nail in 48 seconds, or burn through a steel plate in 12 minutes or all the terrible, horrible effects it has on your body. These are not those things.


These facts fall into the category of fun, useless trivia you will store in your brain and someday pull out to win Trivial Pursuit. They’re the very interesting things you remember you need to talk about after a few drinks. And coincidentally, if you’re using Diet Coke as your mixer, you might have an 18 percent higher blood alcohol concentration than with regular Coke. Keep that in mind next time you’re looking for a buzz.

I won’t give away the rest… Check out the video for more. Warning: You’ll want a Diet Coke by the end, rum optional.

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