4 Must-try edible experiments give you an excuse to play with food (VIDEO)

Jan 8, 2015 at 6:00 p.m. ET

Thanks to BuzzFeed, we all now have a legitimate reason to play with our food. You know you want to...


I had an awesome book when I was a kid called Magic Mud and Other Great Experiments: The Best of Dr. Zed's Brilliant Science Activities. (OK, I might still have it in an easily accessible spot in my bookcase.)

Dr. Zed book

While I had a blast testing out all the various experiments in the book, I clearly remember the food-related activities being my favorite. In particular, there was an "experiment" (read: excuse to make cookies) for chocolate chip meringues, which I took to mean that, in the name of science, I could make and eat all the fluffy-and-crispy-at-the-same-time treats my little heart desired.

The best thing about the meringues was that if they sat out for even a few hours, they became chewy and inedible. I'm sure that's where the science portion came in, but to this day, all I've taken away from that lesson is that you eat all the meringues within the hour.

I took copious notes about very important things, but apparently I was too busy eating to jot down anything about the baking process:

Dr. Zed's log

Fast-forward to 25 years later, and food experiments still intrigue me. Check out the video, and see what kinds of cool things you can make... I'll be testing out that layered shooter if you need me.

Images: Karen Miner/SheKnows

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