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McDonald’s new Big Mac commercial mocks foodies in the best way (VIDEO)

The new McDonald’s commercial starts off with a booming voice issuing a warning: “All vegetarians, foodies and gastronauts, kindly avert your eyes.” For those of us brave enough to continue watching, we’re treated to extreme close-ups of a perfectly styled burger, and I gotta hand it to them, it made me want that decidedly not vegetarian, not foodie-endorsed Big Mac.


I’m hesitant to call myself a foodie, because I’m not a big fan of the label. But do I consider myself someone who loves and seeks out great food? Yes. Do I also consider myself someone who, at times, can think of nothing other than a greasy burger paired with greasy, salty fries and cannot rest until I’ve finally pulled (somewhat shamefully) through the drive-thru, clutching my fast-food bag like someone is going to try to steal it from me? Yes. (Maybe more often than I’d care to admit.)

As the commercial goes on to say that you’ll find no quinoa or soy in the Big Mac and that there will never be any kale topping that iconic patty, it makes me think: Who’s asking for their fast-food burger to include any superfood? I most certainly do not want kale to replace the mostly nutrition-free iceberg lettuce rendered completely wilted by all that special sauce I’ve come to love about the Big Mac. If that gets me booted from the foodie club, fine.

Personally, as a food lover who thinks you can have it both ways, I think the commercial is pretty damn funny, but I’m sure it will hit a nerve with others. If you consider yourself a foodie, do you feel like McDonald’s is trolling you?

Watch the commercial in full here:

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