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For just $5, these heroes owned the froyo challenge and already won 2015


SheKnows Editorial

It’s important to start the new year on the right foot, and a couple of die-hard frozen yogurt lovers already have 2015 in the bag.

The challenge they faced seemed simple enough: Fill a cup with as much froyo and toppings as possible to take advantage of a $5 deal.

But these enterprising individuals thought big, creating a culinary and engineering marvel that puts most of my puny froyo concoctions to shame.

Image: Imgur

They didn’t just use waffle cones to stabilize their masterpiece; they actually deconstructed and layered them to create more surface area, upon which they could lovingly pour flavor after flavor of icy, sweet froyo. But they didn’t stop there, adding a mountain of toppings, including strawberries and chocolate-covered cherries. And just in case you weren’t already sold on their bad-assery, they used a $100 bill in their picture for scale. Baller!

Now… what have you done with your year so far?

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