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11 Totally doable food resolutions you can start right now

The ball finally dropped on 2015, but you started the year without a resolution. That’s OK, there’s never a bad time to start a New Year’s resolution (well, maybe late December…), and I’ve got a few ideas to get you started.

Maybe you’re a procrastinator. Maybe you decided this year that making a New Year’s resolution is so 2014. Maybe you just ran out of time. No matter the reason, if you started the year without a resolution, have no fear. It’s not too late to get started on one even though 2015 is already well underway. Plus, these resolutions are way better than the usual “eat better” ones.

1. Drink more water


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Staying hydrated carries a number of health benefits, from shiny skin to happy tummies. It’s also really easy to work into your diet since, unless you live far away from civilization, it’s literally the most plentiful stuff in the world.

2. Eat more chocolate

Chocolate is amazing

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Studies show chocolate is full of antioxidants, so naturally you should do your best to eat more of it. Especially the kind that gets baked into cookies. Remember, the antioxidants make the cookies a health food.

3. Drink more wine

Real Housewives of Wine

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We’d say this one is about the antioxidants too, but who are we kidding? Pass the bottle?

4. Finally try a ghost pepper

Mexican insanity peppers

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If long-drawn-out New Year’s resolutions aren’t your thing, then just eat a ghost pepper, and you’re done. New Year’s resolution over! Plus you can take a picture while you eat it, since nothing says sexy like flaming-mouth selfies.

5. Try uni


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Ah, nature’s practical joke/Pandora’s box of pain — the uni! All you have to do is cut open the creature’s hard outer shell without getting stung (which can take 15 or more minutes!). Then you can feast on the creature’s innards, which taste sort of like salt and have the consistency of a full Kleenex. Why should this be your New Year’s resolution? So you can never have to eat uni again.

6. Win a wing-eating challenge

Wing sauce + hair = bad

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This is kind of the triple threat of New Year’s resolutions: 1) Wings are delicious; 2) bragging rights are awesome; and 3) there’s often a free T-shirt.

7. Try all 31 flavors at Baskin Robbins

Ice cream

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Some people just love ice cream, and other people turn that love into a New Year’s resolution. If the latter is you, then find your favorite ice cream store, and resolve to eat absolutely every flavor it has. If you’re really committed, vow to eat each flavor in sugar cone, waffle cone, shake and sundae form. You can do it!

8. Learn more about cooking


Want to really turbocharge your life, succeed with your friends and earn eternal happiness? Learn more about cooking! It will do all that. No, really. I promise. And if you’re not sure how to do that, have no fear. Go read more from Chris Perrin. That man is a genius. For instance, he came up with 10 amazing brisket marinades you should try.

9. Get on Hell’s Kitchen

Mr. 100

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Ready for a real change in your life? Why not go away for, like, six weeks, get humiliated by an Englishman with a penchant for punishment and get on reality TV? Don’t know how to cook? It’s OK! If the last few seasons are any indication, they’ll take just about anyone.

10. One word: Giada


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Unfortunately Giada and her husband, Todd, have decided to separate. Do with this information what you want…

11. Share food with your friends

Just a normal dinner party

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Last but certainly not least, remember that food is fuel, but it’s also a way to share with friends. If you haven’t broken bread with friends in a while, then resolve to call them up and take as many of them as you can to dinner. That’s the best resolution anyone could hope for.

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