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21 Desserts that won’t go straight to your waistline

Don’t let your sweet tooth become the downfall to a healthier lifestyle. Just because you’ve started a new diet does not mean you have to give up desserts. You just have to give up the processed ones — the ones packed with fake ingredients and artificial flavors — and stick to naturally sweet ingredients and whole grains. Focus on desserts that are naturally sweet and light. We’ve rounded up our favorites for you below.

1. Grilled stone fruit and almond mascarpone dip recipe

grilled stone fruit

Image: Dessert for Two

Throw your favorite fruits onto the grill. Grilling adds awesome texture and flavor, like in this grilled stone fruit and almond mascarpone dip.

2. Dessert nachos with strawberry, mango and avocado salsa recipe


Image: Foodie Crush

Use whole-wheat tortillas to make these dessert nachos with strawberry, mango and avocado salsa even healthier.

3. Fresh fruit chocolate bar recipe

chocolate fruit

Image: Always Order Dessert

Who says you can’t eat chocolate while on a diet? This fresh fruit chocolate bar is homemade, and you should use dark chocolate for added antioxidants.

4. Balsamic berries with frozen yogurt recipe

balsamic berries

Image: Dessert for Two

We love using balsamic vinegar because of the burst of flavor it provides, and we’re loving these balsamic berries with frozen yogurt.

5. Peach and cherry quinoa crumble recipe


Image: Running to the Kitchen

Quinoa and almond flour make the topping to this peach and cherry quinoa crumble quite healthier than the usual brown sugar and flour toppings.

6. Fruit tacos with chocolate tortillas recipe

chocolate tacos

These fruit tacos with chocolate tortillas are a fun dessert to make with kids.

7. Passion fruit sorbet recipe

passion fruit sorbet

Image: Always Order Dessert

Fresh fruits turned into sorbet are a refreshing way to curb your sweet tooth, like in this passion fruit sorbet.

8. Boozy watermelon granitas with coconut whipped cream recipe

watermelon granita

Image: How Sweet It Is

Coconut whipped cream? Sign us up to devour these boozy watermelon granitas with coconut whipped cream.

9. Flourless almond-coconut brownies recipe

almond brownies

Make these flourless almond-coconut brownies, and cut them into small squares. Throw them into the freezer, and have one when the craving hits.

10. Rainbow fruit pizza recipe

rainbow pizza

Image: Well Plated

A fresh way to get your daily dose of fruit, this rainbow fruit pizza is impressive yet simple to make.

11. Gingered pear frost recipe

pear frost

Keep a can of canned pears in the freezer, and this gingered pear frost will become your favorite winter treat.

12. Whipped double chocolate chip-chia pudding recipe

chia pudding

Image: How Sweet It Is

Chia creates a smooth and luscious texture in this whipped double chocolate chip-chia pudding without the added fat.

13. Apple-quinoa parfait recipe

apple quinoa

Instead of layering your parfaits with cake, try this apple-quinoa parfait made with quinoa.

14. Baked pears with walnuts and honey recipe

pears baked

Image: Skinnytaste

Roasting and baking fruit brings out their natural sweetness, like in this recipe for baked pears with walnuts and honey.

15. Berries and cream cinnamon cups recipe

berries cups

Image: Emily Bites

Cinnamon is not only one of the healthiest spices, but when paired with fresh cream and berries, it makes these berries and cream cinnamon cups a sweet treat.

16. Dark chocolate avocado pudding recipe

avocado pudding

Image: Two Peas & Their Pod

Who knew avocados and pudding could go together? But in this dark chocolate avocado pudding, they do. Avocado lends a rich and smooth texture while adding great healthy fats to your diet.

17. Fresh berry pavlova recipe


Image: Domenica Cooks

Got extra egg whites? Make this fresh berry pavlova layered with fresh berries and whipped cream. You can skip the cream and just keep the berries for extra health. But then again, a little cream never killed anyone.

18. Raspberry-lemon sorbet in frozen lemon bowls recipe

lemon sorbet

How cute are these raspberry-lemon sorbet in frozen lemon bowls?

19. Creamy grape dessert recipe

grape dessert

Image: Skinnytaste

A healthy but decadent dish, this creamy grape dessert is just the thing to serve at a potluck.

20. Grapefruit sorbet recipe

grapefruit sorbet

Image: How Sweet It Is

Use the gorgeous winter citrus fruit to make this grapefruit sorbet, and you’ll be surprised at how sorbets are perfect treats.

21. Chia seed pudding with apricots and almonds recipe

chia seed pudding

Sprinkle this chia seed pudding with apricots and almonds, and you’ve got a fun and exciting dessert to try.

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