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26 Easy dinner recipes under 300 calories

Sticking to healthier lifestyles and those pesky diets is tough, but we’ve made it easier with this huge list of dinner recipes under 300 calories. And they aren’t just salads.

Trying to stay under 300 calories for dinner at times can be tough — we’re starving after a long workday and tend to just throw together whatever we have. But with a little thought and portion control, we can dine on delicious meals and still stick to those silly resolutions we said out loud on a drunken New Year’s Eve.

1. Easy 1-skillet lasagna recipe

skillet lasagna

Image: Wanna Be a Country Cleaver

We didn’t believe this easy one-skillet lasagna is under 300 calories per serving, but oh darling, yes it is.

2. Healthy peanut noodles with chicken recipe

peanut chicken

Image: Slender Kitchen

Serving up noodles with an intensely flavored sauce like in these peanut noodles with chicken satisfies your hunger and keeps your meal interesting.

3. Scallops with tricolor couscous recipe

scallops couscous

Image: The Realistic Nutritionist

Scallops always feel like such a luxury, but in these scallops with tricolor couscous, you’ll be getting a dinner that skimps on calories, not on flavor.

4. Cheeseburger casserole recipe

cheeseburger casserole

Image: Skinnytaste

A great idea for this cheeseburger casserole is to use whole-wheat (or even gluten-free) pasta as your noodles.

5. Zucchini spaghetti, crispy prosciutto and roasted cauliflower recipe


Image: Inspiralized

This recipe for zucchini spaghetti, crispy prosciutto and roasted cauliflower is a great alternative to pasta meals.

6. Blueberry corn salad with prosciutto recipe

blueberry corn salad

Image: Recipe Girl

This gorgeous and colorful blueberry corn salad with prosciutto has a variety of flavors, textures and colors to keep you entertained while eating.

7. Kung pao chicken zoodles recipe

kung pao chicken

Image: Skinnytaste

Replacing regular pasta with vegetable noodles is a great way to save on calories, like in this recipe for kung pao chicken zoodles.

8. Grilled steak salad with tangy raspberry vinaigrette recipe

steak salad

We’re big fans of a grilled steak salad — the perfect way to use leftover steak from dinner as your work lunch.

9. Sausage tortellini skillet recipe

sausage tortellini

Image: Emily Bites

We love when pasta like this recipe for sausage tortellini skillet is under 300 calories.

10. Shrimp zucchini pasta puttanesca recipe

noodles and shrimp

Image: Inspiralized

Shrimp is a great protein when you need a hearty meal. Low in fat and calories, this shrimp zucchini pasta puttanesca is a great dinner option.

11. Southwestern Cobb salad recipe

cobb salad

Image: Our Best Bites

Southwestern Cobb salad, a hearty salad that’s a perfect meal.

12. Spaghetti squash-sausage lasagna boats recipe

lasagna boats

Image: Skinnytaste

Try this recipe for spaghetti squash-sausage lasagna boats when you’re craving pasta badly.

13. Veggie-loaded huevos rancheros recipe

huevos rancheros

Breakfast for dinner is always a great idea, especially with these veggie-loaded huevos rancheros.

14. 1-Pot Basque chicken with red potato noodles recipe

basque chicken

Image: Inspiralized

Bring the flavors of the Basque region into your home with this recipe for one-pot Basque chicken with red potato noodles.

15. Pizza rustica pasta recipe

pasta pizza

Image: Eats Well with Others

Whole-wheat pasta is a lifesaver, especially in this pizza rustica pasta.

16. Aloha teriyaki shrimp burgers recipe

shrimp burgers

Image: Skinnytaste

Think you can’t have a burger when on a diet? Think again with these teriyaki shrimp burgers.

17. Chicken in creamy mustard-marsala sauce recipe

chicken marsala

Image: Can You Stay for Dinner?

Delicious, stick-to-your-bones chicken in creamy mustard-marsala sauce is a must-make this season.

18. Baked pumpkin mac and cheese recipe

pumpkin mac and cheese

Image: Gazing In

Use pumpkin as the source for color and nutrition in this pumpkin mac and cheese.

19. Light and healthy vegetarian lo mein recipe

lo mein

Image: Can You Stay for Dinner?

If you’re craving Asian food, then this vegetarian lo mien is just the thing.

20. Grilled vegetable tacos recipe

vegetable tacos

Image: Betsy Life

Filling taco shells with vegetables and fresh herbs makes for a great meal, like these grilled vegetable tacos.

21. Veracruz-style white fish recipe

white fish

Image: The Lemon Bowl

Veracruz-style white fish is a gorgeous way to bring flavor and great nutrients to your table. Serve with a salad of mixed greens, and your meal is ready to go.

22. Baked chicken Parmesan recipe

chicken parmesan

Image: Skinnytaste

Baked, not fried, makes this baked chicken Parmesan a healthier dinner option.

23. Roasted veggie and black bean burritos recipe


Image: Aggie’s Kitchen

Burritos, like these delicious roasted veggie and black bean burritos, make for such a great, satisfying meal.

24. Barbecue chicken with fresh mango salsa recipe

bbq chicken

Image: Healthy Delicious

Make sure to use a sauce that is all-natural in this barbecue chicken with fresh mango salsa.

25. Curried carrot, apple and peanut soup recipe

curried soup

Image: The Law Student’s Wife

A hearty soup like this curried carrot, apple and peanut soup is perfect for dinner, and you’ll probably have leftovers for lunch the next day.

26. Daikon noodles and broccolini with Asian pork meatballs recipe

noodles and pork meatballs

Image: Inspiralized

We’re loving the Asian flavors in these daikon noodles and broccolini with Asian pork meatballs.

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