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22 Raw diet recipes that taste positively incredible

Raw diet lifestyles have popped up everywhere, from famous YouTube and Instagram personalities to books and more. It’s a diet that might help you lose weight, since it’s so low in calories, fat and sodium, but not only that — you’ll get the full potential of nutrients since you won’t be cooking or heating anything up.

Just a fair warning: You need to make sure you’re getting enough iron, calcium and protein, because these are typically found in meats, fish, dairy products and eggs, which you won’t be consuming. When you think raw diet, think uncooked, organic, whole foods. You’ll need to stock your fridge and pantry with raw fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds. You might want to start sprouting your own seeds as well.

Depending on how extreme you are, you might completely forget about fish, although some raw dieters consume raw fish (sashimi style). Basically you’re wanting your food to always stay below 118 degrees F — anything above that would not be considered raw. A perk of this is that you can definitely use dehydrators to make bars and snacks as well as fruit leathers, since those don’t get hot enough. We’ve lined up a list of some amazing raw recipes that won’t have you starving by dinnertime. (Remember, before starting any new diet, talk to your doctor.)

1. Tropical fruit salad recipe

tropical fruit salad

Image: Skinnytaste

Nothing tastes better than fresh tropical fruit, so if you can get your hands on some, make this tropical fruit salad.

2. Blueberry, strawberry and jicama salsa recipe

berry jicama salad

Image: Two Peas & Their Pod

Adding a crispy and refreshing vegetable like jicama adds great texture, like in this blueberry, strawberry and jicama salsa.

3. Orange honey rainbow fruit salad recipe

rainbow salad

Image: The Slow Roasted Italian

Fruits will make their own syrup and create this gorgeous orange honey rainbow fruit salad, a truly luscious treat.

4. Berry-cantaloupe salad recipe

berry cantaloupe

Image: Damn Delicious

Adding herbs to fruit salad really mixes it up, and this berry-cantaloupe salad includes mint, but you can add fresh basil, rosemary or even sage.

5. Citrus-mint fruit salad recipe

citrus salad

Image: Baked Bree

Make sure to get your vitamins with enough citrus fruit in your diet with this citrus-mint fruit salad.

6. Spiralized raw zucchini salad with avocado and edamame recipe

zucchini noodles

Image: Skinnytaste

This spiralized raw zucchini salad with avocado and edamame is one of our favorites. The avocado adds great creaminess, and the edamame adds great crunch.

7. Zucchini pasta with raw marinara sauce recipe

pasta with raw sauce

Image: Gimme Some Oven

If you miss your classic pasta and sauce, then this zucchini pasta with raw marinara sauce will kick that craving to the curb.

8. Raw carrot pasta with peanut sauce recipe

carrot noodles

Image: Betsy Life

We’re loving this raw carrot pasta with peanut sauce — spice up your raw diet.

9. Zucchini noodles with pesto recipe

zucchini noodles

Image: Two Peas & Their Pod

Just make sure to not use any Parmesan cheese in your pesto, and you’re ready to eat these zucchini noodles with pesto.

10. Green monster salad recipe

green salad

Image: What’s Gaby Cooking

Avocados are a great source of nutrients, and this green monster salad is packed with them.

11. Citrus, fennel and avocado salad recipe

citrus fennel salad

Image: Foodie Crush

Another gorgeous avocado salad, this citrus, fennel and avocado salad is a raw dieter’s dream.

12. Italian guacamole recipe

italian guacamole

Image: Gimme Some Oven

Italian guacamole, because yes. Guacamole is raw and oh so delicious.

13. Edamame-basil hummus recipe

edamame dip

Image: Two Peas & Their Pod

Another raw dip is this edamame-basil hummus. You can dip fresh celery or carrots into it as a snack.

14. White bean and sun-dried tomato dip recipe

white bean dip

Image: A Cedar Spoon

Make this white bean and sun-dried tomato dip, and you can even toss it with zucchini noodles for a quick and hearty meal.

15. No-bake carrot cake energy bites recipe

carrot bites

Keep a batch of these no-bake carrot cake energy bites for a quick snack.

16. Cranberry-pistachio energy bites recipe

cranberry bites

Image: Gimme Some Oven

Start your day with a green juice and these cranberry-pistachio energy bites.

17. Organic raw energy bars recipe

energy bar

Need a quick pick-me-up? These organic raw energy bars are awesome and simple to make.

18. 5-Ingredient chocolate brownie energy bites recipe

chocolate energy balls

Image: The Lemon Bowl

Have a chocolate craving? Make these five-ingredient chocolate brownie energy bites, and keep them in the fridge to eat them cold.

19. Sublime strawberry ice pops recipe

berry pop

Image: The Slow Roasted Italian

Sugary cravings are tough to ignore, but did you know that ice pops are raw? Like these sublime strawberry ice pops — frozen treats, yay!

20. Whole fruit ice pops recipe

fruit popsicles

Image: The View from Great Island

Just the fact that these whole fruit ice pops are so gorgeous will get you excited to eat them.

21. Raspberry strawberry watermelon ice pops recipe

berry pop

Image: I Am a Food Blog

We’re loving this recipe for raspberry strawberry watermelon ice pops, perfect for a quick snack or treat.

22. Honeydew pops recipe

melon pops

Image: Pass the Sushi

Another fruit treat, these honeydew pops are perfect for when honeydew is in season in your local markets.

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