21 Detox recipes to help kick-start 2015

If you’re thinking detox meals are boring, flavorless and unexciting, think again. We’re talking whole foods, fresh, seasonal produce and the use of freshly ground spices to add tons of flavor to your meals.

Feeling a little bloated after all those holiday parties? Not feeling so hot after all those sugary mixed drinks and those one-too-many bites of desserts? We’re here to help you move ahead and conquer the new year with some whole food recipes that will make you feel satisfied and healthy and that will cleanse your system of all those processed food toxins you ate during the holidays.

When possible, use seasonal produce for peak of ripeness, and try to source locally raised, hormone-free meats and seafood. The focus of these recipes is not to restrict you from good food but to actually open your eyes to whole foods that taste amazing with healthy techniques.


1. Chewy chocolate chip-oatmeal breakfast cookies recipe

breakfast cookies

Image: Skinnytaste

Start your day with these chewy chocolate chip-oatmeal breakfast cookies, a sweet but filling breakfast treat.

2. Blueberry-yogurt waffles recipe

blueberry waffles

Image: Two Peas & Their Pod

These blueberry-yogurt waffles are made with whole-wheat flour and Greek yogurt, making them light and delicious.

3. Breakfast stuffed sweet potatoes recipe

breakfast sweet potatoes

Image: Damn Delicious

Sweet potatoes are packed with vitamins, and when you make these breakfast stuffed sweet potatoes, you’ll be starting the day off on the right foot.

4. Egg and avocado breakfast taco recipe

avocado tacos

Image: I Am a Food Blog

With just creamy scrambled eggs, fresh avocado and corn tortillas, this egg and avocado breakfast taco is the perfect weekend brunch idea.

5. Blueberry, oatmeal and yogurt pancakes recipe

oatmeal pancakes

Image: Damn Delicious

Adding oatmeal to pancakes makes versions like this blueberry, oatmeal and yogurt pancakes a great way to get fiber into your system.

6. Berry breakfast grain salad recipe

grain salad

Image: Running to the Kitchen

Ancient grains and fresh berries make this berry breakfast grain salad a great option when compared to those sugary cereals.


7. Salmon sashimi rice bowl recipe

salmon bowl

Image: Set the Table

Find the fresh, wild-caught salmon to make this salmon sashimi rice bowl — the perfect lunch.

8. Maple roasted butternut squash and freekeh salad with kale recipe

freekah salad

Image: The Law Student’s Wife

Freekeh, an ancient grain, is hearty in this maple roasted butternut squash and freekeh salad with kale.

9. Grilled fish tacos with chili-lime slaw recipe


Image: Very Culinary

We’re loving these grilled fish tacos with chili-lime slaw — the slaw is made with yogurt for a lighter lunch.

10. Creamy creamless butternut squash and celery root soup recipe

squash soup

Image: Food Done Light

Not using cream eliminates the added fat that this butternut squash and celery root soup would have otherwise.

11. Mexican quinoa salad recipe

quinoa salad

Image: Recipe Girl

Mexican quinoa salad, a flavorful salad you can make a couple of days ahead and portion for lunch.

12. Detox kale salad recipe

detox kale salad

This kale salad is packed with nutritious superfood ingredients you won’t feel one bit guilty about eating.


13. California chicken, veggie and avocado rice bowls recipe

california rice bowls

Image: Half Baked Harvest

These California chicken, veggie and avocado rice bowls are packed with fresh vegetables and lean protein, and if you want to make an even healthier version, then use quinoa or brown rice as the base.

14. Slow cooker Thai chicken soup recipe

thai soup

Image: Foodie Crush

Using your slow cooker really makes good use of your time, plus the flavors are amazing in this slow cooker Thai chicken soup. Using intense flavors minus the fat makes all the difference.

15. Sesame-ginger salmon recipe

sesame salmon

Image: Damn Delicious

We’re loving this sesame-ginger salmon, but please make sure to use wild-caught salmon oven farmed salmon. The nutrients are more present in wild salmon, and the flavor is so much better.

16. Pork tenderloin with pineapple salsa recipe

pork tenderloin

Image: Nutmeg Nanny

Dinner will be great when you serve this fresh pork tenderloin with pineapple salsa. Pork is known as the other white meat — very lean and a great canvas for spices and salsas.

17. 15-Minute skinny shrimp scampi recipe

shrimp scampi

Image: Gimme Some Oven

Served over whole-wheat noodles, 15-minute skinny shrimp scampi is the ideal dinner.


18. Crispy oven-roasted chickpeas recipe

roasted chickpeas

Image: Fifteen Spatulas

Snack on these crispy oven-roasted chickpeas, and curb those salty cravings.

19. Healthy chocolate-cherry snack cookies recipe

chocolate cookies

Image: The Law Student’s Wife

For those of us who get those sugar cravings after dinner, these healthy chocolate-cherry snack cookies would be a great option.

20. Chia seed pudding with mango and blueberry recipe

chia pudding

Image: Baked Bree

Try keeping a couple of jars of this chia seed pudding with mango and blueberry in the fridge for a quick snack.

21. Pistachio-pomegranate granola recipe

pomegranate granola

Image: Oh, Sweet Basil

Having a big batch of this pistachio-pomegranate granola will help you when hunger hits. Keep an extra baggie of granola in your car or purse for emergencies.

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