7 Stages of recovery after drinking too much on New Year’s Eve (in GIFs)

So, your New Year’s Eve got a little out of hand? We’ve all been there. The Champagne goes down a little too easy, and those cocktail party bites are just so tiny. Between the free-flowing bubbly, the lack of food and the thought of ringing in another year with Ryan Seacrest, you’re bound to drink a little too much. Here’s how your Jan. 1 will go…

1. Wake up, open one eye, assess the damage

Cameron Diaz GIF

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Why is there a Champagne glass in my bed? Is that a pig in a blanket stuck in my hair? Mmm… it is.

2. That moment when you think you feel fine but then suddenly you really don’t

Deal with it GIF

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You had high hopes, but nope, it’s bad. And now the thought of pigs in a blanket repulses you. Thanks a lot, hangover.

3. Maybe I just need a little hair of the dog

drinking GIF

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If I’m to believe what my mother always told me, all I need is a drink to feel better. Cautiously, now…

4. OK, that went pretty well. On to New Year’s brunch…

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It’s the new year, and I’ve made all those resolutions about eating better and drinking less. I should stick to a healthy meal and orange juice.

5. Oh, what the hell… Jan. 2 is as good a day as any to start a healthy diet

eggs benedict GIF

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Eggs Benedict, come to Mama!

6. You know, those eggs settled my stomach quite nicely. Maybe I’ll try just one mimosa. Don’t judge.

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Who am I kidding? Bring on the bottomless mimosas.

7. Hangover who?

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That moment when you graduate from mimosas to the hard stuff and you’re slurping down vodka tonics, the morning’s ills forgotten. Here we go again…

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