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10 Ways you can eat Olaf the Snowman, but you might not want to

In the hands of Pinterest crafters, the lovable Frozen snowman can be turned into some very interesting edibles. I want to give each and every one of these Olafs a warm hug just for trying.

1. #NailedIt

It’s like Olaf and the Michelin Man had a baby, and then the sun came out.

2. Let’s just cut to the chase… All I really want is a doughnut

Olaf doughnuts

Image: JustJenn/Flickr

Throw some googly eyes on it, and call it Olaf.

3. Do you really want to build a snowman?

No, I’m too lazy to actually do that, so I’ll just eat the parts.

4. Is that you, Olaf?

Olaf cake

Image: Victoria Imeson/Flickr

It’s amazing how a nose can transform Olaf from adorable to slightly disturbing.

5. Drunk Olaf is more fun to eat than regular Olaf

Maybe things don’t go so well for Olaf in the sequel?

6. Olaf is going to have a sore neck tomorrow

Olaf cake

Image: Loren Kerns/Flickr

Just a little bit bigger pan, maybe.

7. Generic Olaf

For those worried about infringing on Disney’s copyright.

8. Clown-face Olaf

apple Olaf

Image: sonson/Flickr

Is that a deliriously happy grin or the things my nightmares are made of?

9. Come-hither Olaf

Olaf strikes a sexy pose.

10. Proof Olaf doesn’t always have to be scary

Olaf the Snowman snacks

OK, so it can be done… These Olaf snacks might even be too cute to eat.

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