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Picky eater confessions: 12 Foods you just can’t handle

I can tell you from personal experience that having a picky eater is a parent’s worst nightmare. But what happens when a picky toddler grows up into a picky adult?

Besides the picky children in my house that I deal with day in and day out, I’ve also known a few picky adults as friends and family. Most of the time these adult picky eaters are considered quirky, to put it kindly. The fact that they refuse to order certain foods because of texture is overlooked with a nod and a smile.

Well, beyond the toddler years, you’re going to encounter a picky eater in your life – or you might be one.

If you’re a friend or a partner of a picky eater, then this Reddit thread on food aversion can give you some insight. If you’re an adult picky eater, you will understand where these Redditors are coming from. Or maybe you’ll realize you are pickier than you think. (Liver? No, thank you, please.) 

If you have even a hint of pickiness in you, get ready to shudder.

1. Any food touching other food


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Reddit says: “I don’t know what it is, but there needs to be at least one-inch spaces between my food groups on any one surface. If they’re close to touching, I push them away with my fork. Kinda weird for a 20 year old, but I just can’t get over it.”

2. Cooked carrots

Reese Witherspoon

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Reddit says: “God, they get all mushy and oddly sweet. shudders.”

3. Cottage cheese


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Reddit says: “It is literally rotten milk.”

4. Ketchup


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Reddit says: “I like ketchup, sometimes. But I can’t handle it touching my skin. Don’t ask. I have no explanation.”

5. Olives

Michelle Obama

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Reddit says: “I had a bad experience with green olives as a child when I thought they were grapes. Popped a handful and promptly gagged. Totally ruined them forever for me.”

6. Mayonnaise

No way

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Reddit says: “Nothing needs mayo. If humanity never made a single drop again it would be too soon.”

7. Meat

Johnny Depp

Image: Giphy

Reddit says: “You know when you eat some kind of meat, and you get a bit of cartilage and your teeth just go squeak over it? Yeah, I avoid meat because of that sensation.”

8. Mushrooms

Jennifer Lawrence

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Reddit says: “It’s not so much the taste as it is the slimy, gooey texture.”

9. Onion


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Reddit says: “One time my roommate made the smelliest French onion soup. I had to take a walk around the block before coming back into the apartment.”

10. Tomatoes

You are disgusting

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Reddit says: “8 years ago I told myself, you’re getting to old to be pulling stuff off of your hamburger… Just eat the tomato… I did, it was disgusting but I ate it all, and about 30 minutes later, I threw up… NEVER AGAIN.”

11. Warm fruit


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Reddit says: “Doesn’t matter what it is – apples, blueberries, whatever, put it in a pie if you want; once it’s cooked, it’s gross to me.”

12. White sauce

Forever unclean

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Reddit says: “Not me, but my roommate won’t eat any sauce if it is white. I know it’s not because of taste too because I’ve let him try things with mayo or Alfredo sauce hidden in the food, and he would always compliment the food until I let him know what is in it.”

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