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Our top 10 Slow Cooker Sunday recipes of 2014

At least once a week, that feeling washes over me, when I don’t want to cook even a little bit but still want a comforting, home-cooked meal. Enter the slow cooker. The savior of lazy days. The reason I don’t call for takeout more nights. A few minutes of prep time, and eight hours later, I’m digging in. Next time I pull out the slow cooker, I’m making one of these top 10 recipes of the year.

10. 3-Ingredient slow cooker pineapple teriyaki chicken recipe

slow cooker pineapple teriyaki chicken

Seriously? Three ingredients and 15 minutes of prep time? This chicken dinner is easier than putting on pants and going out to eat.

9. Warm, comforting slow cooker chili made 3 ways

slow cooker chili

The epitome of slow cooker dinners: chili. And here you’ve got three different but equally delicious choices.

8. 5-Ingredient slow cooker rice pudding recipe

slow cooker rice pudding

I don’t even know if I like rice pudding, but this five-ingredient recipe has to be the easiest ever and worth a try.

7. Slow cooker sticky honey teriyaki chicken recipe

slow cooker honey teriyaki chicken

The possibilities are endless for dishes you can make with this sticky honey teriyaki chicken. Make it on Sunday, eat all week long.

6. Slow cooker shredded beef burrito-enchilada recipe

slow cooker burrito-enchilada

After you make this chili powder-infused beef, turn it into mouthwatering personal pans of ridiculously cheesy enchilada-burritos.

5. 4 Big-batch slow cooker cocktails

slow cooker cocktails

Slow cooker cocktails practically make themselves, which is a grand quality in a boozy beverage. And because sometimes you need more than one drink, these are four perfect big-batch options.

4. Super-easy slow cooker Bolognese sauce recipe

slow cooker Bolognese sauce

You know how Bolognese usually requires hours of stirring? Not so much with this easy slow cooker recipe.

3. 3 No-fuss slow cooker cakes

slow cooker cakes

Attention, lazy bakers: These slow cooker cakes are the answer to your prayers.

2. Slow cooker apple cider pulled chicken recipe (plus 2 leftovers ideas)

slow cooker apple cider chicken

One easy batch of apple cider pulled chicken leads to yummy leftovers, like this cheesy chicken sandwich.

1. Slow cooker Cherry Coke beef carnitas recipe

slow cooker Cherry Coke carnitas

Cherry Coke is the perfectly sticky-sweet addition to simple beef carnitas. Think of all the meals you can make with this easy base recipe: tacos, burritos, fajitas, salads. I could go on, or you could just eat it by the forkful directly from the Crock.

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