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23 Freezable soups to enjoy this winter

When it’s freezing outside, settling down with a delicious and warm bowl of soup is just what the doctor ordered. Planning ahead with freezable recipes is a surefire way to simplify life around mealtime. This winter, try any of these hearty soups that are freezer-friendly to use at a later time.

How to reheat frozen soup

It’s best to defrost frozen soups slowly, so try to place yours in the fridge the day before you plan to eat it. If you can’t do that, then defrost by placing the bag of frozen soup in a large bowl and running lukewarm water over it until thawed. When it comes time to heat the soup, do so slowly, and stir often. Add some water to chunky broth-based soups or heavy cream to creamy soups if it seems they aren’t as liquidy as their original versions.

1. Italian sausage soup recipe

Italian Sausage Soup

Image: Better Recipes

This Italian sausage soup by Kristina Vanni brings the flavors of Italy right into your home.

2. Carrot-ginger soup recipe

Carrot Ginger Soup

Image: Downshiftology

This carrot-ginger goodness is high in beta carotene and great for your gut.

3. Broccoli and potato soup recipe

Vegan Broccoli and Potato Soup

Image: Luci’s Morsels

This vegan version of broccoli and potato soup offers up some guilt-free deliciousness.

4. Creole okra corn soup recipe

Creole okra and corn soup

Image: Healthy Slow Cooking

Make this gluten-free Creole okra corn soup on the stove or in a slow cooker.

5. Creamy chicken pasta soup recipe

Creamy pasta chicken soup

Image: Cooking Planit

Chef Emily Wilson created this rich and creamy broth that really hits the spot.

6. 5-Cheese tortellini in a Parmesan broth recipe

Three bridges five cheese tortellini soup

Image: Three Bridges

Because sometimes you need a little shortcut. Using Three Bridges’ five-cheese tortellini, you can make this freezable soup in virtually no time at all.

7. Sweet potato-carrot soup with candied pecans recipe

Sweet potato carrot soup with candied pecans

Image: Chef Nathan Lyon

This vegetarian soup recipe calls to be topped with candied pecans once it’s defrosted.

8. Cauliflower celeriac soup with bacon recipe

Cauliflower celeriac with bacon soup

Image: Cook Eat Paleo

You’ll wonder how this impossibly creamy soup is really gluten-free and paleo.

9. Steak and vegetable soup recipe

Steak and vegetable soup

Image: All the Tastes of New York

Break out the Dutch oven for this hearty steak and vegetable soup.

10. Shrimp and corn soup recipe

Shrimp and corn soup

Image: Trim and Terrific

This Louisiana-born shrimp and corn soup is ready in under 15 minutes.

11. Curried leek and vegetable soup recipe

Curried leek and vegetable soup

Image: Sharon Palmer

Dubbed The Plant-Powered Dietitian, Sharon Palmer shares a flavorful recipe that will boost your health in the cold winter months.

12. Roasted butternut squash soup with lime and coconut recipe

Butternut squash with lime and coconut

Image: Something New for Dinner

Lime and coconut give this butternut squash soup a Southeast Asian twist.

13. Slow cooker bean and barley soup recipe

slow-cooker bean and barley

Image: Food Network

The chefs in the Food Network kitchen put together this easy-to-follow recipe for a slow cooker bean and barley soup.

14. Sausage-lentil soup recipe

Sausage and lentil soup

Image: Gourmet Persuasian

This hearty slow-cooked soup is loaded up with vegetables, sausages and lentils.

15. Coconut chicken soup recipe

coconut chicken soup

Image: Blue Diamond

This Southeast Asian-inspired recipe uses coconut-almond milk as its not-so-secret ingredient.

16. Slow cooker vegan chili recipe

slow cooker vegan chili

Image: Veeg Mama

There’s no such thing as a dreary winter without a satisfying bowl of chili. Give this vegan chili recipe a try.

17. Black bean soup recipe

Vitamix black bean soup

Image: Staying Skinny in the City

Use the Vitamix to stir up this black bean soup.

18. Borscht recipe


Image: Baby Bird’s Farm and Cocina

Borscht is a classic soup of Eastern European countries, dating back to the 14th century. Try this improvised version of the real thing.

19. Orange-scented carrot soup recipe

orange-scented carrot soup

Image: Melissa d’Arabian

Past winner of The Next Food Network Star Melissa d’Arabian shares one of her favorite recipes, orange-scented carrot soup.

20. Spicy Asian chicken soup recipe

asian chicken soup

Chicken noodle soup meets spicy Thai. This recipe has the perfect combination of ingredients for the cold winter months.

21. Spinach-coconut soup recipe

spinach and coconut soup

Image: Snack Girl

This cream of spinach and broccoli soup recipe uses sweet coconut milk and spicy red chili pepper flakes — the ultimate combination.

22. Vegan pumpkin Sriracha bisque recipe

pumpkin sriracha soup

Image: Great Performances

This recipe comes with a warning: It’s highly addictive. Simple and satisfying, the mix of pumpkin and Sriracha sauce provides a wonderful treat for your taste buds.

23. Pepper pot soup recipe

Mazie's pepper pot soup

Image: Grace Foods

Try this Jamaican-inspired recipe from Grace Foods cooking expert, Chef Mazie Miller.

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