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Our top 10 Meatless Monday recipes of 2014

Vegetarians, add this collection of our most popular Meatless Monday dishes of the year to your recipe box immediately. Meat eaters, even you will have to admit that these vegetarian recipes look pretty darn good. And I promise, it won’t hurt to miss one meal with a big, juicy steak on your plate. There’s always Tuesday to Sunday for that.

10. Cold noodle and bok choy salad with zesty sesame dressing recipe

noodle salad with bok choy

I don’t know about you, but meat would be the last thing on my mind with a big bowl of Asian-Inspired udon noodles in front of me.

9. Corn and quinoa-stuffed poblano peppers
with cilantro cream sauce recipe

quinoa-stuffed poblano peppers

You’ve got your protein and your veggies all in one pretty little stuffed package. Add a cilantro cream drizzle, and boom, this dish is over-the-top delicious.

8. Carrot and kale stir-fry over rice recipe

carrot and kale rice stir-fry

While I will admit that kale may not be my favorite, it’s clearly a favorite around here, as proven by this stir-fry in spot number six.

7. Cajun-inspired seitan nachos recipe

cajun-inspired seitan nachos

If you’ve never tried seitan, then these meatless nachos are a good place to start.

6. Bok choy and quinoa salad with edamame
and spicy soy-ginger dressing recipe

bok choy quinoa salad

It’s no surprise that quinoa makes several appearances on this list. It’s the wonderful-super-nutritious-delicious grain, and it’s perfect in this bok choy salad.

5. Roasted broccoli, garlic and cheddar soup recipe

roasted broccoli cheese soup

Resist the urge to sprinkle this cheesy roasted broccoli soup with bacon. If you must, use facon (you know… fake bacon).

4. Quinoa, avocado and roasted red pepper hummus wraps recipe

quinoa wraps

More quinoa, more hearty goodness. This wrap is bursting with tons of tasty ingredients.

3. Skillet cauliflower and zucchini hash with eggs recipe

skillet cauliflower hash

I want this skillet hash for breakfast, and then for breakfast-for-dinner. All in the same day. Just look at those perfectly cooked eggs.

2. Ramen noodles with tempeh and spicy peanut sauce recipe

ramen noodles with tempeh

This is not the ramen noodle bowl of your college days.

1. Stuffed zucchini with herbed orzo, almonds and tomato sauce recipe

orzo-stuffed zucchini

You know that time of year when your garden is overflowing with zucchini? You’re welcome.

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