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20 Holiday leftovers recipes the whole family will love

There are always so many leftovers at the holidays. What’s a girl to do other than eat the same meal twice a day until it’s all gone or pawn it off on friends and family? All you really need is an arsenal of creative recipes to dispose of those leftovers without boring your taste buds.

Sure, some of these recipes were originally made for Thanksgiving, but there’s no reason you can’t use them post-Yuletide too.

Leftover turkey recipes

1. Leftover turkey pot pie recipe

leftover turkey pot pie

Image: Damn Delicious

This leftover turkey pot pie is ridiculously easy and uses a lot of ingredients you probably already have on hand.

2. Turkey avocado spring rolls with hoisin nut dip recipe

leftover turkey spring rolls with hoisin nut sauce

Image: White on Rice Couple

For many of us, holiday meals are all about Americana. These turkey avocado spring rolls are a nice change of pace.

3. Leftover Thanksgiving stuffed burger recipe

leftover thanksgiving stuffed burger

Image: Jasmine Fine/1 Fine Cookie

A burger stuffed with leftover turkey and smeared with mashed potatoes, gravy and cranberry sauce should do the trick for getting rid of your holiday culinary boredom.

4. Grilled-pressed Thanksgiving leftover panini recipe

leftover turkey panini

Image: The Meatwave

Jazz up that leftover turkey sandwich by making it into a toasty turkey panini.

5. Leftover turkey congee recipe

leftover turkey congee

Image: Steamy Kitchen

This recipe for Chinese turkey and rice porridge will make a comforting meal to slurp by the fire.

Special thanks to Jaden for also giving directions for laying claim to leftover turkey bones when you’re a guest at someone’s holiday meal — I assume these would work for ham bones too.

6. Leftover Southern gumbo recipe

leftover southern gumbo

Image: Momables

This leftover Southern gumbo will help you use up that leftover turkey and some of the veggies you had left over from your stuffing.

Leftover ham recipes

7. Chicken cordon bleu pizza recipe

chicken cordon bleu pizza

Image: Erica’s Recipes

Use cooked frozen chicken tenders and leftover diced ham to make this chicken cordon bleu pizza.

8. Empanadas de jamón y queso recipe

ham empanadas

Image: Hispanic Kitchen

These ham and cheese empanadas are a quick and easy way to use up leftover holiday ham.

9. Feta, spinach and ham muffin recipe

ham, feta and spinach muffins

Image: Butter and Jam

These savory spinach, feta and ham muffins are perfect for breakfast the day after the holiday. Get the version with Americanized measurements here.

10. Ham tetrazzini recipe

ham tetrazzini

Image: Bo’s Bowl

This crowd-pleasing ham tetrazzini casserole may just inspire you to buy an extra-large ham this year.

11. Leftover ham salad recipe

ham salad

Image: Shugary Sweets

This recipe for ham salad can be scaled to suit any amount of leftover ham you have.

Leftover Christmas roast recipes

12. Leftover French dip sandwich with easy au jus recipe

french dip sandwich

Image: The Saucy Southerner

Just because you didn’t think ahead and save those pan drippings doesn’t mean a French dip sandwich is off the table.

13. Pot roast soup recipe

pot roast soup

Image: An Edible Mosaic

This fantastic leftover pot roast soup recipe will help you fight the dryness of leftovers.

14. Pot roast hand pies recipe

pot roast hand pies

Image: The Chic Table

Leftover pot roast and prepackaged dough come together to create these tasty (and portable) leftover pot roast hand pies.

15. Pot roast and white cheddar grilled cheese recipe

pot roast grilled cheese

Image: Simply Scratch

The two most comforting of comfort foods collide in this pot roast and white cheddar grilled cheese sammie.

Leftover duck recipes

16. Duck tacos with chipotle-cherry salsa and goat cheese recipe

duck tacos

Image: Closet Cooking

Try using your leftover duck in place of the meat on these spicy tacos.

17. Duck pâté de campagne recipe

leftover duck pate

Image: Lindaraxa

Put your leftover duck to use as an appetizer for post-holiday festivities with this fancy duck pâté.

18. Asian roasted duck salad recipe

roast duck salad

This roasted duck salad with an Asian flair is literally meant to be made with leftovers.

19. Duck noodle soup recipe

duck soup

The perfect accompaniment to the roasted duck salad, this duck noodle soup takes both leftovers and noodle soup to a whole new level.

20. Duck and mushroom soup recipe

duck and mushroom soup

Image: timmyfoody

If noodle soup isn’t your speed, this duck and mushroom soup is sure to please.

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