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37 Veggie-packed juice and smoothies to drink your greens

Let’s talk about green drinks and discover some new recipes and flavor combinations to make these healthy juice blends and smoothies.

green drinks

Juicing is when you extract water and nutrients from vegetables and fruits, leaving the indigestible fiber behind. This makes nutrients easier to digest, but they don’t fill you up as much and are great for people with sensitive digestive systems. Since nutrients get absorbed very quickly into your bloodstream, this could lead to a sugar rush when you’re juicing just fruits, so take that into consideration.


1. Cancun green juice recipe

green juice

Image: La Fuji Mama

The addition of nopals (cactus leaves) and parsley gives this Cancun green juice added hydration and flavor.

2. Ultimate green power juice recipe

ultimate green juice

Image: Picky Palate

Ginger and parsley make this ultimate green power juice a fantastic way to start your day, since ginger is known as a great way to calm your stomach.

3. Spicy green juice recipe

spicy green juice

Image: The Wicked Noodle

Throw in a poblano and a serrano or jalapeño pepper to spice up your morning routine, and make this spicy green juice.

4. Green juice (without a juicer!) recipe

green juice no juicer

Image: Rachel Cooks

If you don’t have an expensive juicer, then this recipe for green juice without a juicer is just what you need.

5. Mango-cucumber juice recipe

mango juice

Image: Hungry Food Love

A simple two-ingredient juice is easy to make and very refreshing. Try this mango-cucumber juice once mangoes are in season.

6. Gluten-free green juice recipe

simple juice

Image: With Love and Food

Wondering why the need for a gluten-free green juice? Sometimes store-bought juices contain additives that could be contaminated with gluten.

7. Watermelon and aloe vera juice recipe

watermelon juice

Image: The Other Side of the Tortilla

This watermelon and aloe vera juice is one of our favorites, because aloe vera is known for its curative benefits in digestion.

8. Cucumber, pear and kale restore juice recipe

pear juice

Image: Taste Love and Nourish

Putting kale into everything is our thing, so this cucumber, pear and kale restore juice is right up our alley.

9. Minty green detox juice recipe

mint green

Image: With Love and Food

We love the addition of flavorful herbs to juices, like in this minty green detox juice.

10. Super-green juice recipe

super green juice

Image: Nosh and Nourish

When you need a quick boost of energy, this super-green juice is the one to drink!

11. Lean, green, nutrient machine recipe

lean green juice

Image: Tried and Tasty

We’re loving the idea of adding bell peppers and cilantro to this lean, green, nutrient machine, because we love cilantro!

12. Pear, mango and spinach juice recipe

spinach juice

Image: Katie’s Cucina

This pear, mango and spinach juice is great for when you’re feeling hungry, since the fiber in the spinach and mango will keep you full until dinner.

13. Green go-to juice recipe

pitcher green juice

Image: Fork and Beans

Everyone needs a quick recipe for green go-to juice, and this one fits the bill of health!

14. Green goddess juice recipe

green goddess juice

Image: Tasty Yummies

Green goddess juice, a favorite of many and one of the healthiest versions around.

15. Homemade V8 juice recipe

v8 juice

Image: Running to the Kitchen

We all know making things at home is way better for us, so this homemade V8 juice is the perfect way to start. Plus it’s packed with a variety of vegetables and so many nutrients.

16. Green apple energizer recipe

energizer apple

Image: Tried and Tasty

A great balance of flavors is achieved in this green apple energizer thanks to the cucumber and tart green apples.


17. Green energy smoothie recipe

energy smoothie

Image: A Cedar Spoon

Smoothies pack natural energy, and we’re loving this green energy smoothie.

18. Almond butter-spinach smoothie recipe

almond smoothie

Image: What’s Gaby Cooking

Adding almonds to your smoothie, like in this almond butter-spinach smoothie, adds tons of protein, keeping you fuller for longer.

19. Pineapple, orange and banana green smoothie recipe

orange smoothie

Image: Oh, Sweet Basil

We love adding bananas to our smoothies because they add such great texture, like in this pineapple, orange and banana green smoothie.

20. Banana, chia and spinach smoothie recipe

banana smoothie

Image: What’s Gaby Cooking

Chia seeds are one of our favorite seeds. This banana, chia and spinach smoothie is packed with them, and they add fiber and texture to your smoothies with 1 tablespoon.

21. Green Orange Julius smoothie recipe

orange julius smoothie

Image: Foodie with Family

If you’re a fan of those Orange Julius drinks, then this green Orange Julius smoothie is a healthier solution to your sugar cravings.

22. Rainbow chard-banana smoothie recipe

chard smoothie

Image: Gimme Some Oven

It’s not just the greens from kale and spinach you can use. Try using rainbow chard next time to make this rainbow chard-banana smoothie.

23. Persimmon and medjool date green monster smoothie recipe

persimmon smoothie

Image: Pineapple & Coconut

Favorite winter fruits — persimmons and dates — make this persimmon and medjool date green monster smoothie a gorgeous take on a classic green smoothie.

24. Low-carb avocado-green tea smoothie recipe

avocado smoothie

Image: All Day I Dream about Food

We’re huge avocado fans and love the idea of making an avocado-green tea smoothie. Bet it’s so rich and luscious but still super healthy.

25. Kale-pineapple smoothie recipe

kale smoothie

Image: Set the Table

Hearty vegetable kale, when combined with pineapple in this kale-pineapple smoothie, offers great nutritional benefits and natural sweetness.

26. Cold buster green smoothie recipe

cold buster smoothie

Image: Oh, Sweet Basil

Give your immune system a boost with this cold buster green smoothie.

27. Berry green smoothie recipe

berry smoothie

Image: Damn Delicious

We’re loving the method of making individual smoothie packets to freeze and then make this berry green smoothie.

28. Tropical green smoothie recipe

tropical smoothie

Image: Recipe Girl

Forget the snow and travel (at least in your mind), and head to the tropics with this tropical green smoothie.

29. Green monster smoothie recipe

monster smoothie

Image: Table for Two

A classic favorite, this green monster smoothie is a must to stay healthy.

30. Green smoothie with peanut butter and banana recipe

peanut butter smoothie

Image: Damn Delicious

This green smoothie with peanut butter and banana includes peanut butter, but any nut butter would work, and adding that protein keeps you full until lunch.

31. Almond-coffee green smoothie recipe

almond smoothie

Image: Taste Love and Nourish

Add a boost of caffeine with this almond-coffee green smoothie.

32. Just peachy green smoothie recipe

peach smoothie

Image: Skinnytaste

Can’t find fresh peaches to make this peachy green smoothie? Use canned or frozen.

33. Cactus smoothie recipe

cactus smoothie

Image: Muy Bueno Cooking

How unique does this cactus smoothie look?

34. Detox smoothie recipe

detox smoothie

Image: Gimme Some Oven

Clean out your system of all those holiday toxins with this detox smoothie.

35. Mango-banana green smoothie recipe

mango smoothie

Image: Skinnytaste

We love that this mango-banana green smoothie has the addition of hempseeds.

36. Apple-ginger green smoothie recipe

apple smoothie

Image: The Lemon Bowl

Grab all those apples from the market to make this apple-ginger green smoothie a success.

37. Holiday survival smoothie recipe

holiday smoothie

Image : Tiffany Hagler-Geard/SheKnows

Packed with fresh kale and cilantro along with creamy avocado, crisp apple and a hint of lemon, this holiday survival smoothie is all you need in life.

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