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22 DIY nut butter recipes for healthy snacking

Nut butters are no longer a trendy ingredient but a staple in everyone’s kitchens these days. What’s your favorite?

Whether your true love is fresh cashew butter swirled with honey or you’re a hazelnut-chocolate lover, we’ve got you covered with techniques, tips and tricks on how to make the smoothest (or chunkiest, if that’s your thing) nut butters.

1. Homemade peanut butter recipe

peanut butter

Image: Gimme Some Oven

There’s nothing like making the classic homemade peanut butter in your own home.

2. Cinnamon-raisin almond butter recipe

almond butter

Image: Two Peas & Their Pod

A classic favorite, this cinnamon-raisin almond butter is packed with deliciousness.

3. Cinnamon-espresso cashew butter recipe

cashew butter

Image: The Gouda Life

For those of us who need an extra boost of caffeine, this cinnamon-espresso cashew butter packs it.

4. Maple-cinnamon almond butter recipe

maple almond butter

Image: Running to the Kitchen

Adding maple syrup to this maple-cinnamon almond butter balances out the nuttiness of the almonds, and the cinnamon spices it up.

5. Vanilla cashew butter recipe

cashew vanilla butter

Cashews are buttery and work so well when making your own nut butters, like in this vanilla cashew butter.

6. Sea salt and honey almond butter recipe

sea salt butter

Image: Two Peas & Their Pod

Think about adding some sea salt to any of your nut butters to balance out all the sweetness, like in this sea salt and honey almond butter.

7. Chocolate-coconut almond butter recipe

almond joy butter

Image: Wonky Wonderful

If you love Almond Joy chocolate bars, then this chocolate-coconut almond butter is just for you.

8. Maple roasted vanilla almond cashew butter recipe

maple butter

Image: Running to the Kitchen

Mix together a variety of nuts, like in this maple roasted vanilla almond cashew butter.

9. Salted chocolate cashew butter recipe

chocolate cashew butter

Image: Allyson Kramer

We’re drooling over this jar of salted chocolate cashew butter.

10. Roasted almond-pecan pumpkin butter recipe

pecan butter

Image: Running to the Kitchen

Have a random container of pumpkin butter left over from the holidays? Make this roasted almond-pecan pumpkin butter.

11. Honey-vanilla almond nut butter recipe

honey butter

Image: The Slow Roasted Italian

Almonds are fatty nuts — the good kind of fat — so this honey-vanilla almond nut butter turns out luscious.

12. Spicy chocolate walnut butter recipe

chocolate walnut butter

Image: Running to the Kitchen

Add a kick of spice to your nut butters, like in this spicy chocolate walnut butter.

13. Sunflower butter recipe

sunflower butter

Image: Tori Avey

Have nut allergies in the family? Make sunflower butter from sunflower seeds.

14. Chocolate-hazelnut spread recipe

hazelnut butter

Image: Our Best Bites

If you’re as addicted to Nutella as we are, maybe try your hand at making this chocolate-hazelnut spread at home.

15. Raw pecan cashew butter recipe

pecan butter

Image: Gazing In

This raw pecan cashew butter would be a great base for salad dressings and dipping sauces.

16. Walnut butter baklava butter recipe

baklava butter

Image: Wonky Wonderful

Oh dear, this walnut butter baklava butter has our mouths watering for a bite.

17. Cookies-and-cream peanut butter recipe

cookie butter

Image: Wonky Wonderful

Rich and dark, this cookies-and-cream peanut butter would be amazing drizzled over ice cream.

18. Cinnamon-vanilla almond butter recipe

cinnamon butter

Image: Baked Bree

Adding a hint of spice like cinnamon is always a great idea, like in this cinnamon-vanilla almond butter.

19. Chocolate almond butter recipe

chocolate almond butter

Image: All Day I Dream of Food

Don’t you just want to lick your screen, seeing this chocolate almond butter?

20. Honey-vanilla chestnut spread recipe

chestnut butter

Image: Running to the Kitchen

Chestnuts are still around thanks to the holiday season, so snatch up the last few, and make this honey-vanilla chestnut spread.

21. Chocolate cashew butter recipe

chocolate butter

Image: In Erika’s Kitchen

Adding chocolate to nut butters makes them 10 times better, so why not make this chocolate cashew butter today?

22. Homemade maple-toasted pumpkin seed butter recipe

pumpkin seed butter

Toasting pumpkin seeds gives this maple-spiked peanut butter alternative amazing flavor.

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