23 Tasty beet recipes that will have you loving this winter veggie

Beets promote optimal health benefits and are packed with antioxidants, making them a smart choice for healthier diets.

We all know vegetables are healthy, but beets are one of our favorite vegetables because not only are the phytonutrients in beets anti-inflammatory compounds, but they help detoxify the body and have great amounts of fiber — all things we love in our vegetables and recipes.

1. Roasted beet and apple soup recipe

beet soup

Image: Allyson Kramer

Clean up your eating habits by making a big batch of this roasted beet and apple soup.

2. Chilled beet soup recipe

chilled beet soup

Image: The View from Great Island

Keep some chilled beet soup for when hunger strikes. It makes a great snack as well.

3. Roasted beet hummus recipe

beet hummus

Image: Food Fanatic

Not only is this roasted beet hummus gorgeous, but its flavor is great for dipping crunchy vegetables into.

4. Beet and goat cheese napoleons recipe

beet napoleons

Image: Fifteen Spatulas

Serve these impressive beet and goat cheese napoleons as an appetizer for a healthy dinner party.

5. Pickled strawberry with roasted beet salad recipe

beet salad

Image: Foodie Crush

When strawberries aren’t at their finest, you can pickle them and make this pickled strawberry with roasted beet salad. Or just wait until summer.

6. Roasted beet and orange salad recipe

beet orange salad

Image: Baked Bree

The bright, citrus flavors bring out the best of the earthy beet flavors in this roasted beet and orange salad.

7. Beet, peach and burrata salad with basil oil and candied pistachios recipe

beet peach salad

Image: Blogging over Thyme

We’re loving the gorgeous colors of this beet, peach and burrata salad with basil oil and candied pistachios.

8. Beet, mozzarella and basil salad recipe

beet basil

Image: Mango & Tomato

Fresh basil makes this beet, mozzarella and basil salad really pop.

9. Farro, beet and citrus salad with goat cheese recipe

farro beet salad

Image: Always Order Dessert

Including a hearty ancient grain like farro in this farro, beet and citrus salad with goat cheese makes for a satisfying lunch or side dish for dinner.

10. Roasted beet and arugula salad with raspberry balsamic dressing recipe

beet salad

Image: Wanna Be a Country Cleaver

Whip up this roasted beet and arugula salad with raspberry balsamic dressing, and you’ll enjoy the true nature of beets.

11. Golden beet, pea and goat cheese salad recipe

beet pea salad

Image: The View from Great Island

A couple of simple ingredients make this golden beet, pea and goat cheese salad a delicious salad to make this season.

12. Beet, tomato and artichoke salad recipe

beet tomato salad

Image: Katie’s Cucina

This light beet, tomato and artichoke salad would make a great dinner idea with a main dish of grilled fish or seafood like shrimp.

13. Citrus-beet salad with quinoa recipe

beet salad

Tossing your citrus-beet salad with quinoa makes it a tasty idea. You can make this ahead of time and keep it in Mason jars for a quick lunch.

14. Pink beet chips recipe

beet chips

Image: The View from Great Island

Snack on these pink beet chips instead of overly processed, salty snacks on the market. They’re healthier and so easy to make.

15. Rosemary, sea salt and vinegar beet chips recipe

sea salt chips

Image: Running to the Kitchen

Love a good salt and vinegar chip but want to learn how to make them at home? These rosemary, sea salt and vinegar beet chips are just the thing for you.

16. Beet pasta recipe

beet pasta

Pasta doesn’t get much prettier than this. And it’s actually super easy to make.

17. Ginger-beet juice recipe

beet juice

Image: Wonky Wonderful

Thirsty? Step away from the sodas, and sip on this ginger-beet juice.

18. Beet, carrot and orange juice with honey recipe

beet carrot juice

Image: Hungry Food Love

Even your kids will be loving this beet, carrot and orange juice with honey because of its natural sweetness.

19. Beet lemonade recipe

beet lemonade

Image: Foodie Crush

Adding a hint of acid to beets really balances out their earthiness, so why not make this beet lemonade?

20. Beet wine recipe

beet wine

Image: Cookistry

Need a nightcap? This beet wine has got you covered.

21. Chilled beet soup ice pops recipe

beet popsicle

Image: The View from Great Island

These chilled beet soup ice pops would make a perfect dessert over that usual pint of rocky road ice cream you’re used to.

22. Beet-chocolate Bundt cake recipe

beet cake

Image: Always Order Dessert

Make this beet-chocolate Bundt cake for a special occasion. It’s healthier than other cakes and tastes just as great.

23. Beet rugelach recipe

beet rugelach

Image: What Jew Wanna Eat

Although these beet rugelach are made with healthy vegetables, it’s best to be aware of portion control. Treat yourself to only one or two max — they’re addictive.

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