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Your guide to getting the perfect chocolate chip cookie is here


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Everyone has a favorite type of cookie, but consistently getting that perfect texture can sometimes feel impossible.

Like all baking, making cookies is a science. It’s not just about the ingredients you use — it’s how much of each and what cooking technique you use that all contribute to the final texture. This may explain why it took me the better part of fifth grade to figure out how to bake a passable sugar cookie. (Note to beginners: When it comes to baking soda, confusing tablespoons and teaspoons will ruin your cookies. Also take note that orange food coloring and vanilla extract sometimes come in very similar bottles.)

Luckily over on Handle the Heat, they’ve put together an extensive guide to baking chocolate chip cookies that shows you how everything from overcreaming your butter to using an air pan can affect your cookies.

Take a look at the charts below, and get ready to finally bake your cookies just the way you like them!

ultimate guide to chocolate chip cookies

Image: Handle the Heat

You can see the methodology and read a full description of the results over at Handle the Heat. What are your top tips for getting the perfect cookie?

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