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20 Food laws that make absolutely no sense whatsoever

Complaining about the law is the unofficial American pastime, but things take a turn to the weird and wacky when it comes to the laws some people have made about food. Grab a sandwich, and enjoy this culinary craziness on your lunch break.

1. Something smells fishy

otter dancing with fish

Image: Giphy

In Minnesota, a law dictates that men can’t do the horizontal hula with live fish. Not sure why it specifies only men and only live fish.

2. Don’t backpedal

Homer Simpson GIF

Image: Giphy

In Marion, Ohio, it’s illegal to eat a doughnut while walking backward. Seems reasonable.

3. Drunk tank

drunk moose

Image: Giphy

Alaska prohibits both minors and moose from imbibing alcohol.

4. Dry ingredients only

scene from sharknado

Image: Giphy

In Maryland, it’s illegal to eat in the ocean. That totally explains sharknados.

5. Drinking difficulties

disappearing beer

Image: Giphy

In Nigeria, it’s legal to get your drink on. You just can’t import or brew beer. But if it falls from the sky, by all means, imbibe.

6. No Tic Tac, no nookie

specter attacking woman

Image: Giphy

In the blessed town of Alexandria, Mississippi, it’s illegal for a man to have sex with his wife with onion, garlic or sardine breath. If his ladylove requests he brush his teeth, it’s not optional.

7. Mind your b’s and q’s

woman thinks brussels sprouts are gross

Image: Gifsoup

In Belgium, it’s legal to throw Brussels sprouts at tourists.

8. No seed spittin’

watermelon exploding

Image: Giphy

It may sound nice to enjoy a refreshing slice of watermelon on the beach, but don’t count on doing that in Rio Claro, Brazil, where these juicy red orbs are illegal.

9. Love by the pound

steve urkle dressed like chocolate box

Image: Giphy

It used to be illegal in Idaho to give your best gal a box of chocolates weighing less than 50 pounds. That law being overturned is probably for the best.

10. Don’t spice it up

red hot chili peppers video

Image: Giphy

In Peru, chili sauce and other hot spices are banned from prison food to prevent its dangerous aphrodisiac effects.

11. Gotta bounce back

vlasic pickle commercial

Image: Giphy

In Connecticut, it’s not really a pickle unless it bounces.

12. Soup for you?

no soup for you

Image: Giphy

If you’re a bar-owning Cornhusker, you should know you can’t sell beer unless you brew a kettle of soup at the same time.

13. Keep your hands to yourself

the hamburglar doesn't judge

Image: Giphy

In Oklahoma, it’s not permissible to take a bite of another person’s hamburger. (That really should be a federal law.)

14. Non-lactose intolerant

kid pouring milk on his head

Image: Giphy

Don’t move to Utah if you’re lactose intolerant. It’s illegal there to refuse to drink milk.

15. Don’t eat too fresh

scene from 30 Rock

Image: Giphy

In Massachusetts, it’s best to serve mourners footlongs than tea sandwiches, as you’re allowed no more than three sammies while attending a wake.

16. Don’t go nuts

mr. peanut

Image: Giphy

In Boston, it’s illegal to eat peanuts in church. If you’ve ever been to Texas Roadhouse, that kind of makes sense.

17. Why did the chicken cross the road in Gainesville, Georgia?

loki holding kfc

Image: Giphy

To stand next to the guy with the fork. Since it’s illegal there to eat chicken with a fork, that’s definitely the smart move.

18. For here or to go?

kobe bryant spinning burger

Image: Giphy

For some reason, in Riverside, California, it’s illegal to walk down the street carrying your lunch at lunchtime (11 a.m. to 1 p.m.).

19. Abandon the bottle

will smith making water bottles appear

Image: Giphy

In Concord, Massachusetts, it’s illegal to sell non-sparkling, non-flavored bottled water in plastic containers of less than 1 liter. Joggers beware.

20. The prank pizza job

andy from the office dancing for pizza party

Image: Giphy

You may think it’s funny to send an order of pizza, Chinese or other c.o.d. items to your unsuspecting pal or arch nemesis, but in Louisiana, that could cost you $500 and up to six months in the slammer.

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