McDonald’s reveals what’s really in Chicken McNuggets (VIDEO)

After some recent bad press and sagging sales reports, the fast-food giant is trying to bring customers back into the fold, but some say McDonald’s made matters worse with this eye-opening Chicken Nuggets tutorial.

McDonald’s is getting flak again in the thick of the holiday season, this time over a company video on how Chicken McNuggets are made.

Come on, admit it. As enticing as those little deep-fried nuggets of ground chicken are to so many of us (mmm, honey mustard and sweet-and-sour sauce, I’m hungry just thinking about you), you’ve heard the same rumors we have about what’s really in them.

Amid reports earlier this week of its worst U.S. sales in 10 years, McDonald’s released a short clip with ex-MythBusters host Grant Imahara, taking customers inside the plant where the McNuggets magic happens.

Don’t fear: This could put your mind at ease about gobbling them down on a cheap after-work date night, a quick rest stop on a road trip or a dinner out with the kids in tow. I said “could.” See for yourself…–7ih_pBbJ
Well? Guess there really is actual chicken in those from the looks of it — albeit gray-tinted and mashed up — not the other horrifying things we’ve heard about over the years, like beaks and legs and the evil “Pink Slime” and such. Sweet?

Poor McDonald’s, though (though “poor” is probably a poor choice of words considering who we’re talking about here). They just can’t win. Because now they’re being mocked again for this latest PR attempt to bolster sales and lure customers back in. Twitter, Facebook and the rest of the peanut gallery have been afire with jabs and jeers and… you know how it goes.

Question is, what do you think? Would you still eat McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets after seeing that it truly is “just chicken” inside, or did the whole thing amount to TMI?

I’m one of those people who would rather not have all the information on this stuff in my personal life, even though I’m an animal lover and, oh yes, a journalist. Call me a hypocrite; you’re probably right. But is anyone else really hungry for a six-piece with honey mustard and fries right about now?

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