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15 Drool-worthy Hanukkah recipes for the tastiest celebration yet

Are you a latkes-must-only-contain-potatoes kind of person, or more of an as-long-as-it’s-deep-fried-I-don’t-care-what-you-put-in-them kind of person? (Nobody can blame you… deep-fried foods are good.) Whatever camp you fall into, from traditional to modern, we’ve got recipes to make your Hanukkah celebration the tastiest ever.

1. Potato latkes

potato latkes

The classic potato latke. You really can’t go wrong.

2. Homemade cinnamon applesauce


I know it’s easier, but skip the store-bought jar, and make your own applesauce to top those perfectly fried latkes.

3. Sweet potato and parsnip latkes with cayenne mayo

sweet potato latkes

For those of you who not only want to think outside the latke box but also want to spice them up, this sweet potato version is the way to go.

4. Sweet potato-beet latkes with horseradish sour cream

sweet potato latkes

OK, so I’m a fan of sweet potato latkes. Can you blame me?

5. Vodka latke party

vodka latke party

Now this sounds like a good idea. Vodka cocktails and latkes make a perfectly acceptable dinner.

6. How to make the juiciest brisket

juiciest brisket

Nail this recipe, and you might not want to eat anything but brisket.

7. 10 Brisket marinades


Once you’ve got the juicy brisket thing down, add a twist with a marinade. From spicy to sweet and everything in between, there are some delicious flavor combinations here.

8. Slow-cooked barbecue brisket sliders

brisket sliders

Sliders… the perfect way to use up some of that leftover brisket.

9. Challah


If the thought of braiding dough is too much for you, then that’s what bakeries are for. No judgment here…

10. Deep-fried strawberry-filled sufganiyot


If there’s an excuse to eat jelly doughnuts (er, sufganiyot), I will take it.

11. Easy chocolate babka

chocolate babka

There may be a few steps to this recipe, but for chocolate-filled bread, it’s probably worth it, right?

12. Marshmallow dreidel treats

marshmallow dreidels

The kids will love assembling — then devouring — these adorable marshmallow dreidels.

13. Spiced berry Star of David Bundt cake

star of David Bundt cake

This gorgeous Star of David Bundt cake is worth the special pan required to make it. Just look at that masterpiece.

14. Pumpkin pie rugelach

pumpkin pie rugelach

Yes, this is technically a Thanksgivukkah recipe, but if you ask me, pumpkin pie rugelach should not be relegated to a holiday that happens once every zillion years.

15. Hot apple cider with butterscotch syrup

hot apple cider

Hot apple cider is always festive, but this gets huge bonus points for the addition of homemade butterscotch syrup. Pour a little brandy in mine, please.

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