10 Foods perfect for your ugly Christmas sweater party

There are two things everyone loves during the holidays: food (lots of it!) and ugly Christmas sweaters.

Luckily there are some enterprising chefs out there who have combined these two loves and, for better or for worse, shared it with us on the good old information superhighway.

Check out the tastiest, ugliest sweaters below.

1. Ugly cookie Christmas sweaters

Image: Imgur

I don’t care how ugly it is, if it’s a cookie, then it’s going into my mouth as soon as I get to the party.

2. Ugly cupcake Christmas sweater

ugly christmas sweater cupcakes

Image: Cake Chooser

Imagine the fun of watching this ugly sweater get uglier and uglier as it’s torn to shreds by your rabidly hungry party guests.

3. Red and green clashing cake

red and green ugly sweater christmas cake

Image: Real Ugly Christmas Sweaters

This ugly cake is for the people who don’t realize they’re wearing an ugly Christmas sweater — they just really, really like loud patterns.

4. Ugly pizza Christmas sweater

ugly christmas sweater pizza

Image: Free Fun Christmas

Though “ugly pizza sweater” sounds more like a confidence-shattering insult than a food, I assure you this creative Christmas pie is as delicious as it is easy to make.

5. Ugly Hanukkah cookie sweaters

ugly hanukkah sweater cookies

Image: Etsy

Looks like Santa isn’t the only culprit — dreidels and latkes can inspire some troubling holiday clothing-cookie crossovers as well.

6. Ugly holiday sweater wine cover

ugly christmas sweater wine bottle cover

Image: Sur la Table

You’ll need something strong to wash that ugly out of your mouth. Why not adorn your palate-cleansing wine with a seizure-inducing holiday sweater of its own?

7. Ugly sweater cake

ugly christmas sweater cake

Image: The Ugly Sweater

Because brown frosting makes everything less ugly… on opposite day.

8. Ugly Christmas sweater drink cozy

ugly sweater drink cozy coozie

Image: Lady Behind the Curtain

This ugly sweater drink cozy will keep your hot toddy nice and warm. And depending on how much holiday flair you add, it may even help melt your cold, jaded heart.

Bonus ugly food for your ugly sweater party

9. Shrimp cocktail Christmas tree

shrimp cocktail christmas tree

Image: Mariner’s Menu

This shrimp-laden Christmas tree may not be sweater related, but it sure is weirdly mesmerizing and repulsive!

10. Sausage wreath

christmas sausage wreath

Image: Free-N-Fun Christmas

I mean, it’s called a sausage wreath. It might taste good, but there’s no way to take the ugly out of this one.

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