5 Flavorful dishes your dinner guests will love

Dec 5, 2014 at 11:40 a.m. ET

The holiday season is here and so are the many dinner parties, holiday meals and get togethers. While the traditional offerings are something we all look forward to each year, variety is the spice of life!

When entertaining guests, factor in how much time you have to prepare your dishes, how many guests are coming, what's already on the table and how to add a little something that your guests will leave talking about (and will want to make!).

Below I share five of my favorite holiday dishes that are easy to make and big on taste!

Butternut squash ravioli with brown butter, walnuts & sage

Photo Credit: Three Bridges

If you are looking for a delicious dish made with natural and organic ingredients to serve alongside your holiday meal, then check out Three Bridges' chef-created pastas. You can serve up this simple butternut squash ravioli with brown butter, walnuts and sage pasta dish that evokes all of the feelings of the season in under 15 minutes!

Spicy apple cider bourbon grilled wings

This recipe shouts sweet and savory! Anyone who loves wings will love this recipe for spicy apple cider bourbon grilled wings! Not only are they a delicious dinner option but they also are perfect for entertaining guests who are coming over for a little couch-gating!

The "stuff" holidays are made of!

Photo Credit: Hilary's Eat Well

If you love the stuffing at your holiday meals but hate the stuffed feeling, check out this delicious Holiday Stuffing made by Hilary's Eat Well. Not only does it contain double the protein, one-third less sodium and six times as much fiber compared to a one-cup serving of other store-bought varieties, but it is also gluten free, dairy free, soy free, corn free, egg free and nut free. (P.S. The holiday stuffing is only available at Whole Foods, so here is a fun recipe for a holiday hemp meatloaf you can make yourself that is a perfect meatless alternative for turkey day.

Pumpkin soup with lemongrass and coconut milk

A blend of fall and exotic flavors, this vegan soup is sure to delight your guests! Rich and full of flavor, the toasted pumpkin seeds add texture and the coconut milk adds a creaminess and comfort to balance out the hot Sriracha.

With fondue, the night is right

Photo Credit: popchips

I love dark chocolate with anything, and when it's melted it's even more decadent. This simple recipe for a Fondue Popple made with popchips is a wonderful way to serve your guests a sweet and salty dessert that is sure to satisfy. Enjoy alongside sliced fresh crisp apples for a nutrition boost! Thank you to popchips for sharing this fun dessert idea with me.

Photo credit: Austin McGee/Flickr