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Amazon is now delivering takeout straight to your doorstep


SheKnows Editorial

We get it, Amazon, you’re the best at everything. But venturing into the world of food delivery? Now that was unexpected.

Amazon has launched a food delivery service to compete with GrubHub, Seamless and all those other companies that will soon probably be but a distant memory in the wake of Amazon’s arrival to the market.

The service went live the weekend after Thanksgiving, and is currently only available in Seattle. They’ll be offering options for ordering takeout and delivery, and everything can be charged to your Amazon account. I wonder if soon we’ll see Amazon’s drones flying overhead carrying packages of Kung Pao chicken and meatball subs?

In case it wasn’t apparent that Amazon is trying to take over the world, Dr. Evil style, check out the other ventures they have in the works: A “local services” marketplace covering everything from babysitters to house cleaners to plumbers (to compete with existing sites like Yelp, Thumbtack and Angie’s List), Amazon Local Register (a rival of Square, Apple Pay and Paypal), and Tech Crunch speculates that they might even be opening something called Amazon Travel in January 2015, an answer to travel sites like Expedia and Travelocity.

What’s next, Amazon? You’re already the prom queen, are you angling for valedictorian, too? It’ll be interesting to see just how many cookie jars they can get their hands in during the next few years. Though I will say a combination pizza delivery/Birchbox service (one cheese pizza and one sample of mascara, please!) wouldn’t be unwelcome.

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