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The world’s most expensive gingerbread house is a holiday wonder (VIDEO)

When you hear how expensive this gingerbread house is your eyes will bug out cartoon-style and you will involuntarily mutter something along the lines of “ain’t nobody got money for that.” At least that’s what I did…


But if you’re still hunting for the perfect gift for the person that has literally everything else in the world, this just might be it. (Provided you have a briefcase full of Benjamins laying around and see fit to spend them on, let’s face it, cookies).

Don’t get me wrong… this gingerbread house, encrusted with jewels and made to look like your very own home, is really impressive. I just don’t think an edible version of my house should cost as much as my real-life house. Does that make me a grinch?

The good news is, some of the proceeds go to charity, so if you do take out that second mortgage and finance this bad boy, at least you can feel all philanthropic about it.

How much would you spend on a gingerbread house?

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