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17 Sparkling cocktails to celebrate with this season

If you’re throwing a holiday get-together, a New Year’s Eve party or just staying in with a loved one, you’ll need a bubbly cocktail to celebrate the holidays and new year.

Whether you’re serving Champagne, prosecco, cava or any other sparkling wine variety, the possibilities are endless when making party cocktails. We do recommend that if you’re spending more than $100 on a bottle of sparkling, you drink it as is — don’t add any mixers, or you’ll miss out on the unique, expensive flavor and aroma of said bottle. The great thing about sparkling wines is that they are normally very economically accessible, unless you go for the good stuff, like real Champagne.

The great thing about prosecco is that you can normally get a fantastic bottle of it for under $20. Made in Italy, this sparkling white wine can be either dry or extra dry, so take this into account when making cocktails with it. If the other ingredients in the drink recipe are very sweet, then go with an extra-dry prosecco.

1. Peach prosecco punch recipe

peach prosecco

Image: Damn Delicious

Punch is making a comeback. It’s a great big-batch cocktail to serve your guests, and the colors in this peach prosecco punch are just gorgeous.

2. Raspberry, limoncello and prosecco cooler recipe

limoncello prosecco

Image: Creative Culinary

This raspberry, limoncello and prosecco cooler would be even more impressive if you can make your own limoncello.

3. Prosecco sorbet float recipe

sorbet prosecco

Image: Set the Table

Think ice cream floats for adults. This prosecco sorbet float is a gorgeous recipe to serve in lieu of a heavy dessert.

4. Strawberry-thyme Lillet spritzers recipe

strawberry spritzers

Image: What’s Gaby Cooking

Adding herbs to your drinks not only adds flavor, but it’s such a trendy technique lately. Bartenders everywhere are doing it, and these strawberry-thyme Lillet spritzers are ideal.

5. Rhubard fizz cocktail recipe

rhubarb cocktail

Image: Baked Bree

Make a rhubarb and vanilla syrup to flavor this pink rhubarb fizz cocktail.

Champagne: Made only from the grapes grown in the region of France called Champagne, this sparkling wine is known for its elegance and how easy it is to drink. That’s why you can drink it during morning brunches and still function during the day.

6. Pineapple-coconut Champagne cocktail recipe

pineapple cocktail

Image: Pineapple & Coconut

Fly away to a tropical island when you take a sip of this pineapple-coconut Champagne cocktail.

6. Champagne punch recipe

champagne punch

Image: Foodie Crush

Another gorgeous punch, this Champagne punch puts your guests in charge of serving themselves. Cheers!

7. Champagne margaritas recipe

champagne margaritas

Image: Gimme Some Oven

Throwing a holiday taco party but still need a fun signature party cocktail? These Champagne margaritas are just the recipe.

8. Sparkling cranberry-orange Champagne punch recipe

cranberry cocktail

Image: Boulder Locavore

We love this sparkling cranberry-orange Champagne punch — it is bursting with fruity flavors.

9. Strawberry-basil Champagne sparklers recipe

basil champagne

Image: The Law Student’s Wife

Berries and basil — what a gorgeous combination in these strawberry-basil Champagne sparklers.

10. Champagne cup recipe

champagne cup

Image: Boulder Locavore

Another gorgeous sparkling drink idea is this Champagne cup.

11. Cherry-thyme Champagne cocktail recipe

cherry champagne

Image: Baked Bree

Another herbal combination, cherries and thyme make this cherry-thyme Champagne cocktail a one-of-a-kind.

12. Bing cherry sorbet with cava-cherry brandy topping recipe

cherry cava

Image: Creative Culinary

Try this Bing cherry sorbet with cava-cherry brandy topping as a dessert option at your next party.

13. Mandarin mimosa recipe

mandarin mimosa

Image: Laylita’s Recipe

There’s so much seasonal citrus fruit that would make this mandarin mimosa a totally unique drink idea.

14. Sparkling fig sangria recipe

fig sangria

Image: Dessert for Two

Soft and sweet figs make this sparkling fig sangria a rock star drink.

15. Champagne and vodka berry cocktail recipe

berry cocktail

A splash of vodka in this Champagne and vodka berry cocktail makes for a stronger drink for those who need to deal with crazy family members.

16. Sparkling blueberry-lime martini recipe

blueberry martini

Image: Nutmeg Nanny

Topping off these martinis with sparkling wine makes them a softer, more delicate drink, so celebrate with this sparkling blueberry-lime martini.

17. Red wine-poached pear Bellini recipe

red wine-poached pear Bellini

The garnish of red wine-poached pears makes this Bellini a work of art.

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