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15 Dishes that will make you homesick for Boston

New England cuisine is one that’s comforting, flavorful and unique to the region. Today, we’re taking you to Boston for a trip down recipe lane.

When you think of Boston, what foods come to mind? Whether it’s a good clam chowder or some traditional brown bread, we’ve got you covered. Cook and bake up some of these regional recipes in your home today. Packed with culture, Boston is home to the oldest restaurant in the U.S.: Union Oyster House. It’s also home to the North End, where you can find Italian bakeries and specialties. Travel to Boston with the following recipes.

1. New England clam chowder recipe

clam chowder

Image: Pineapple & Coconut

New England clam chowder is the classic chowder of New England, especially in Massachusetts. It’s rich and creamy, and every restaurant has its own version.

2. Sweet potato and corn clam chowder recipe

sweet potato clam chowder

Image: Chocolate Moosey

Another version is this sweet potato and corn clam chowder. Like we said, everyone has their own version of chowder.

3. Oyster stew recipe

oyster stew

Image: Never Enough Thyme

Typically oyster stew is made to order so as to not overcook the fresh oysters. Rich with cream and fresh herbs, it’s normally served as a daily special at restaurants.

4. Best ever Boston baked beans recipe

boston baked beans

Image: The Slow Roasted Italian

Made with molasses and salt pork traditionally, these best ever Boston baked beans are the perfect side dish. This dish became so popular that Boston was nicknamed “Beantown.”

4. Lobster bisque recipe

lobster bisque

Image: Gimme Some Oven

Warm up during the cold Boston months with a bowl of this lobster bisque, made with sweet lobster off the coast of this state.

5. Old Bay oyster crackers recipe

old bay crackers

Image: The Wicked Noodle

Old Bay oyster crackers are the perfect accompaniment to clam chowders, lobster bisques and oyster stews.

6. Cod fish cakes recipe

cod fish cakes

Image: A Family Feast

Cod is a fish commonly used in all preparations in Boston, like in these cod fish cakes.

7. Cheesy baked stuffed cod recipe

stuffed cod

Image: A Family Feast

Try this cheesy baked stuffed cod at your next dinner party. Your guests will be impressed, but you’ll know how easy it was to make.

8. Lobster mac and cheese recipe

lobster mac and cheese

Image: Foodie Crush

An indulgent recipe, this lobster mac and cheese is served all over Boston, with fresh, sweet lobster making its appearance in as many recipes as possible.

9. Lobster roll recipe

lobster roll

Image: Recipe Girl

Unlike the Connecticut lobster roll that’s drenched in warm butter, the New England roll has mayonnaise, lemon and sometimes herbs folded into it.

10. Beer-steamed clams recipe

beer steamed clams

Image: Nutmeg Nanny

What would make these beer-steamed clams even more Boston is if you steam them in Samuel Adams beer.

11. White clam pizza recipe

clam pizza

Image: Recipe Girl

The Italian presence in Boston is strong, and this white clam pizza is a take on pizzas all over the North End.

12. Boston cream pie recipe

boston cream pie

Image: Tori Avey

Boston cream pie, probably the most famous dessert Boston is known for.

13. Parker House rolls recipe

parker house rolls

Image: Very Culinary

Parker House rolls were created at the Parker House Hotel and are served at its bar and restaurant to this day.

14. Creamy cranberry pie recipe

cranberry pie

Image: WonkyWonderful

Try a recipe for creamy cranberry pie, since cranberries are a national crop in Massachusetts. Although there aren’t any cranberry bogs, just outside of Boston there are plenty.

15. Classic Irish coffee recipe

irish coffee

Image: Creative Culinary

Irish coffee is the perfect way to end the night, paying homage to the Irish population in Boston.

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