16 Holiday cookies from all around the world

Because not everyone around the world eats chocolate chip cookies, we’ve decided to travel the world, one dozen cookies at a time.

Cookies come in all shapes and sizes and in a variety of flavors and textures, colors and aromas. Depending on what country or continent you’re standing in, the cookie in your hand will be different, delicious and unique. These are our favorite cookies from around the world. Discover your new favorite cookie, and make it a tradition, even if you haven’t visited the country. Or find a cookie recipe that links you to your heritage, whatever that may be.

Cookies from Latin America

1. Polvorones (Puerto Rican almond shortbread cookies) recipe


Image: Always Order Dessert

Puerto Rican almond shortbread cookies are fantastic cookies to make, since they keep for up to two weeks.

2. Dominican mantecaditos recipe

easy butter cookies

Image: Dominican Cooking

Like polvorones, but these mantecaditos are just simple butter cookies that pair well with your afternoon coffee.

3. Mexican pig-shaped cookies recipe

pig shaped cookies

Image: Muy Bueno Cooking

Mexican pig-shaped cookies are typically made during Day of the Dead celebrations, but we think they are cute enough for any time of the year.

4. Brazilian chocolate truffles recipe

brazilian chocolate truffles

Image: Half Baked Harvest

Brazilian chocolate truffles, although not cookies, are the candy of Brazilians, and they are eaten like a cookie — just one or two bites of smooth, chocolate heaven.

5. Argentinian alfajores recipe


Image: Sweet Life

Argentinian alfajores are known for their melt-in-your-mouth texture, achieved because they are normally made with cornstarch in the dough. Filled with dulce de leche, these delights are an experience you need to bake in your kitchen.

Cookies from Europe

6. Biscotti alla Nutella recipe

nutella biscotti

Image: Domenica Cooks

Try these biscotti alla Nutella next time you have Nutella at home, which we will assume is all the time. Right?

7. Speculaas recipe


Image: Eat the Love

These speculaas (also known as Dutch windmill cookies) have become popular thanks to the cookie butter called Speculoos. Plus, if you’ve ever been on a Delta flight, then you’d have had one of these.

8. Italian pizzelle recipe


Image: Family Foodie

You’ll need a special press to make these Italian pizzelle, but they are well worth the work. So delicate!

9. German pfefernusse cookies recipe

german pferffernusse

Image: What’s Gaby Cooking

German pfefernusse cookies are soft, full of gingerbread flavor and the perfect holiday cookie.

10. Strawberry-rhubarb French macarons recipe


Image: Running to the Kitchen

Classic French macarons come in all sorts of flavors, but we’re loving these strawberry-rhubarb French macarons.

11. Palets de dames Lille style recipe

french butter cookies

Image: That Skinny Chick Can Bake

A delicate, ladylike cookie from France, these palets de dames Lille style would pair best with a cup of tea.

Cookies from Asia

12. Chinese almond cookies recipe

chinese almond cookies

Image: Table for Two

Chinese almond cookies are traditionally made to celebrate Chinese New Year, but we think they’d be perfect as a holiday gift idea.

13. Homemade fortune cookies recipe

fortune cookies

Image: Fifteen Spatulas

Make these homemade fortune cookies, and have your kids write fun holiday fortunes to place inside them. Who wouldn’t want to get a dozen of these? No one will believe you actually made them, and they are pretty simple to make, actually!

Cookies from the U.S.

14. Best chocolate chip cookies recipe

chocolate chip cookies

Image: What’s Gaby Cooking

The secret to the best chocolate chip cookies? Chilling that dough for 72 hours. Trust us, it’s worth the wait.

15. Brown butter snickerdoodles recipe


Image: Two Peas & Their Pod

The classic snickerdoodle cookie is made even better with the addition of brown butter, making these brown butter snickerdoodles the next best thing.

16. Red velvet macadamia nut cookies recipe

macadamia cookies

Image: Something Swanky

What’s more American than red velvet anything? We’re loving these gorgeous red velvet macadamia nut cookies.

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