Red cocktails to help you ring in Canada Day with pride

Looking for a delicious way to ring in Canada Day? May we suggest these tasty red cocktails from some of our favourite bloggers and online websites? Fresh and fruity, they’re perfect for sipping dockside or while sunning yourself on a patio.

Watermelon-basil daiquiri recipe

If you’re the type of gal who’s inclined to grow her own herbs, may we suggest using some of your fresh basil for this terrific sipper from Better Homes and Gardens? The cocktail has a gorgeous red tint and can be mixed with a variety of alcohols (though the recipe calls for rum, you can also use vodka).

Rhubarb-basil cocktail recipe

Rhubarb Basil Cocktail |

This delicious recipe from Pixels + Crumbs is easily one of our favourites of the season. The rhubarb makes it tart, while the basil gives it an amazing freshness. Serve alongside a summer salad or a light pasta.

Watermelon slush recipe

Watermelon Slush |

We love anything that comes in ice form (it helps cool us off on hot summer days), and this drink from Damn Delicious is, well, damn delicious. It’s also easy to pull together. All you need are three ingredients and a blender. Heaven!

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Strawberry-thyme spritzer recipe

Strawberry Thyme Spritzers |

Spritzers are the lightest way to imbibe a little alcohol over the summer months, and this one combines two of our favourite things: strawberries and thyme. We can’t thank What’s Gaby Cooking enough for concocting this delightful drink.

Blackberry-thyme sparkler recipe

Blackberry Thyme Sparkler |

The time to indulge in some blackberry action is the summer months, so get thee to your local farmers market, and start picking. We love how easy this bevvy from The Effortless Chic is to make, and it’s also fresh. We suggest topping it with a few extra blackberries or fresh Canadian strawberries to give it an added fruity punch.

Raspberry-rhubarb Collins party punch recipe

Raspberry-Rhubarb Colins Party Punch |

Party time! If you’re looking to make a large-batch cocktail for friends and family on Canada Day, then this tangy yet sweet recipe from Simple Bites is easy to whip up and requires little preparation.

Fresh cherry and lime margarita recipe

Fresh Cherry & Lime Margarita |

This little potion reminds us of sitting on a beach in the Caribbean, which is why it’s so perfect for sipping on a hot summer’s day in Canada. Using two things we all love — cherries and lime — it’s fresh without being too sweet. Rim the glass with a little bit of sugar if you have a super-sweet tooth.

Blackberry margarita recipe

Blackberry Margaritas |

There is nothing better to indulge in on a day off than a margarita, and this one is packed with one of the most nutritious and delicious berries on the market: the blackberry. If you’re feeling devilish, then we suggest adding a couple of Saskatoonberries to the drink mix. Otherwise, stick to The Pioneer Woman’s original recipe.

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