Canadian flag-inspired treats

True patriot love in all thy snacks command… Take pride in your heritage with these festive food ideas.

Sea-to-sea Krispie

Sea to sea kirspy |

O Canada, our home and native land stretches from Atlantic to Pacific, yet we remain as united as ever, much like the linking power of the melted marshmallows in these Canadian flag Rice Krispies treats. Enjoy these gloriously gooey squares with your compatriots as you celebrate this great nation of ours.

Parliament ice pops

Parliament popsicle |

Cool down on Confederation Day with raspberry cheesecake ice pops. A delectably smooth and creamy filling surrounded by bursts of fruit juice is a real crowd-pleaser. Any red berry or even cherries would pair well inside this frozen treat.

Pizza patriot

Pizza patriot |

With glowing hearts, we see thee crust rise, a True North full of pepperoni. You’d think a Canadian-style pizza would have some bacon on it, but while some sort of ham could be used as the blocks of red at both ends, the crushed tomatoes really make this Canadian mini pizza flag pop.


Moose'wich |

While a moose is not featured on our flag, the animal is heavily associated with Canada. (Plus, have you ever seen such a cute sandwich?) If you have a maple leaf cookie cutter, then you can cut apples accordingly or make mini sandwiches in the shape of maple leaves. Fluff and strawberry jam would not only taste delicious but reinforce the red-and-white colour scheme of these moose- and maple-leaf-shaped sandwiches.

Canada’s cake

Canada's cake |

While a ring of Coffee Crisp bars would be the ultimate ode to Canada, these Kit Kat bars won’t add bulk to your Kit Kat Canada Day cake. Mix it up, and slice strawberries rather than using sprinkles for the red sections of your cake (although the tiny pieces of candy add a touch more precision for nailing that maple leaf). Opt for a rectangular mould if you’d like a traditional flag shape.

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Confederate cake pops

Confederate pops |

Anything goes with these delightful bite-size Canada Day cake pops. Red or white on the inside or on the outside, the pop-ibilities are endless. Whether showcasing maple leafs or celebrating with an explosion of sprinkles, these circular indulgences make for a lovely parting gift for guests of Canada’s 147th birthday.

Hello, maple jello

Hello maple jello |

Pledge your allegiance to this satisfying dessert, and have fun with this tasty foliage. Though it does not deploy the traditional Canada Day colours, the maple flavour of these maple leaf jello treats is perfectly fitting.

Flag flapjacks

Flag flapjacks |

These red velvet cheesecake pancakes are filled with national pride. Get crafty with your cream cheese icing, and try outlining a maple leaf shape. Or simply drench your stack of jacks with icing, and savour for our century-and-a-half-old country.

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