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What to serve for a vegan holiday dinner

Whether you yourself are vegan or you’re having vegan holiday guests, picking out tasty dishes for a holiday meal can be tricky. Get some ideas for great vegan holiday recipes from a few of our favourite food bloggers.

Paleo cranberry flax stuffing

Paleo cranberry stuffing |

Healthful Pursuit’s paleo cranberry flax stuffing is not only vegan but also free of dairy, gluten and grain. With apple juice, ginger, cinnamon and cranberries, this is a unique stuffing that still has the classic elements of your favourite.

Chocolate pecan cookie pies

Chocolate pecan cookie pies |

We already know chocolate and pecans taste great together, and we’re betting we’ll love the combination of a cookie and a pie. Your Vegan Mom’s chocolate pecan cookie pies are a yummy choice to finish off your holiday dinner.

Black rice phyllo tarts

Black rice phylo tarts |

These black rice phyllo tarts from Allyson Kramer look gourmet. The cranberries stand out from the black rice, which is surrounded by golden brown layers of phyllo pastry. Using store-bought phyllo sheets helps cut down on prep time, so you can enjoy this sweet and spicy tart sooner. Great as appetizers, the tarts also work well as a side dish.

Christmas tree salad

Christmas tree salad |

Lunchbox Bunch’s Christmas tree salad looks so attractive, you almost don’t want to eat it — almost. Swiss chard, pomegranate seeds, mandarin oranges and grapes add colour and nutrition to this holiday salad. If you’re inviting kids, make sure you have some bread stars on hand; we’re sure everyone will want one!

Almond roasted cauliflower

Dreena Burton of Plant-Powered Kitchen takes cauliflower to the next level with her almond roasted cauliflower recipe. Baking the cauliflower with oil caramelizes the outside without drying it out, while the addition of nutritious yeast and almond meal adds flavour. She suggests making a double batch.

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Almond roasted cauliflower |

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