Christmas brunch recipes that keep everyone lingering around the table

After the frenzy of Christmas presents and stockings it’s time for some serious sustenance in the form of Christmas brunch. So we’ve prepped you to satisfy everyone’s holiday cravings with these fun Christmas brunch recipes from some of our favorite bloggers.

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Christmas quiche

Image: Favorite Family Recipes

This festive quiche from Favorite Family Recipes brings together the surprising combo of earthy eggs, savory sausage and sweet cranberries to make a pie tin full of deliciousness. It’s the perfect hot breakfast for a cold Christmas morning.

Gingerbread waffles

Image: The Kitchen is My Playground

If gingerbread waffles don’t scream “Christmas morning,” we’re not really sure what does. The Kitchen is My Playground’s recipe has all of the delish molasses and spice flavor of gingerbread cookies, but in that crispy waffle form. Plus, it’s totally acceptable to drown them in maple syrup. You can’t do that with cookies — unless, of course, you’re Buddy the Elf.

Veggie-loaded breakfast casserole

Image: Little Spice Jar

The veggie-loaded breakfast casserole from Little Spice Jar has everything you love about brunch in one dish: hash browns, eggs and cheese. It’s also totally customizable, so you can go light on the veggies and add in sausage, bacon or shredded chicken if you please. The best part? This dish can be prepared the night before and popped into the oven the next morning when.

Overnight cinnamon eggnog French toast casserole

Image: Carlsbad Craving

Yes you read that right. Cinnamon eggnog French toast casserole. Boom.

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Carlsbad Craving’ recipe for this French toast casserole is the ultimate sweet comfort food. Did we mention there’s a brown sugar pecan crumble topping involved? Combining the ingredients and letting the bread soak overnight helps it absorb the flavors and — like the veggie-loaded breakfast casserole — makes things so much easier in the morning.

Overnight ham and cheese breakfast enchiladas

Image: The Girl Who Ate Everything

Another overnight casserole for the win.

Overnight ham and cheese breakfast enchiladas from The Girl Who Ate Everything is an easier way to make a large batch of breakfast burritos. Egg mixture is poured over tortillas and left in the fridge overnight, allowing the eggs to seep into the middle. After baking, you’ll have a pan full of fluffy eggs, with cheese and ham wrapped in a tortilla.

Parmesan mushroom baked eggs

Image: Add a Pinch

These parmesan mushroom baked eggs from Add a Pinch are pretty easy to whip up, but look super fancy because portobello mushroom caps are used as a receptacle to hold perfectly baked eggs. These little fellas might even make for a great pre-brunch appetizer as you put together the rest of your table.

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Originally published December 2013. Updated December 2016.


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