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Games every party should have

Nobody wants to go to a boring party and count the cobwebs on the ceiling, but luckily there is one trusty remedy for that issue — games! Whether it’s a kids’ party, an adult gathering or a mix of both, there’s a game out there that fits the bill.



Taboo |

There are very few games in the world that get full-grown adults all riled up quite like Taboo. The premise of the game is simple: The participants are divided into teams, and at each turn, a player must help his teammates guess the words provided on the given cards without using the “forbidden” descriptive terms and before the allotted time runs out. Brilliant, no? This is a social game and involves loads of teamwork, so it’s perfect for any party.

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Cranium |

Cranium basically combines everything that is good and holy about other games into a great odyssey of fun. Each team attempts to reach the Cranium Central on the board, picking up different cards with every move. These cards will order you to hum tunes, perform physical activities, sculpt out of clay, draw, spell, answer trivia questions — each within a one-minute time span! It’s madness — incredibly fun madness! Your guests won’t want to leave once Cranium gets heated up.


Catch Phrase

Catch phrase |

This is a great game to play as a group and is fantastic for breaking the ice. The game comes with an electronic device that keeps score and spits out words or phrases at the player who is wielding it. The player must get his or her team to guess the word using any means possible except rhyming or giving away the first letter, parts of the word or its number of syllables. How amazing is that? You can imagine the theatrics some guests might employ to get their team to guess the word or phrase! Good times are guaranteed.

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Draw Something Party Game

Draw Something Party Game |

This will be a huge hit with the younger guests, the tech-savvy ones and everybody else in between. The famous Draw Something Party Game that started off on mobile devices was turned into a physical, creatively inclined party game that will keep your guests entertained for hours. It’s ingenious! Each player draws a word off a card on an illuminated tablet, while his or her team attempts to guess what the word is. It’s a great social game for your guests, and you can imagine the laughter these pictures will bring to your party.

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Funny or Die

Funny or Die |

This is the only game on the list that actually requires you to be hilarious, which is exactly why we love it. Each player matches a photo with a caption provided in a deck, with the intention of creating the funniest combination, and each joke is then put to a vote. The most hilarious joke wins “money,” and the player with the most “money” wins the game. This game invites your guests to be creative, show off their humorous sides and to socialize with others. It will work wonders at any and all parties.

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