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10 Super-cute (and sometimes creepy) Halloween desserts

Tired of just dying your usual treats orange and black come Oct. 31? Then get creative, and wow your kids and friends with these super-cool Halloween dessert ideas.


Marshmallow pops

Marshmallow pops |

Photo courtesy of I Wash… You Dry

The cuteness of cake pops without the agony of trying to bake little balls onto sticks? Yes, please! Shawn at I Wash… You Dry has come to the rescue with these adorable marshmallow pops. They can be dressed up in all kinds of cute ways to celebrate the season — no baking required.

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Spiderweb cheesecake

Spiderweb cheesecake |

Photo courtesy of Tracey’s Culinary Adventures

Are you planning to throw a big Halloween bash this year? Then you’ll need a dessert that’s equal parts delicious, unique and eye-catching. That’s where this spiced pumpkin spiderweb cheesecake from Tracey at Tracey’s Culinary Adventures comes in. All aspects — from the fall flavours to the eerie decorating techniques — are sure to make this a festive cake that stands out.


Witches’ fingers

Witches' fingers |

Photo courtesy of Noshing with the Nolands

Plenty of holiday dessert recipes make use of good old “lady fingers,” but Tara at Noshing with the Nolands has taken things to a whole new level by creating these witches’ fingers. Not necessarily for the faint of heart, but sure to be a big hit with Halloween lovers.

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Strawberry ghosts

Strawberry ghosts |

Photo courtesy of Miss Candiquik

Kids might be able to inhale entire bags full of chocolate-covered caramel and nuts at a time, but having a light and refreshing option on hand doesn’t hurt. These strawberry ghosts created by Sarah at Miss Candiquik will make nice, lighter alternatives for adults — and they’re so adorable, little ones are sure to want to try them too.



Mummy cupcakes |

Photo courtesy of Dinner or Dessert

Cupcakes have become a major hit in recent years, and although they can be found in all sorts of flavours and colours, for the most part they follow one basic rule: They’re pretty. Fortunately around Oct. 31, things don’t have to just be pretty — they can be cool and funky too. So don’t be afraid to shake things up with these mummy cupcakes created by Shannon at Dinner or Dessert.


Peanut butter
cookie spiders

Peanut butter cookie spiders |

Photo courtesy of Half Baked Harvest

Chowing down on a spider might not immediately seem appealing to you, but you won’t be able to help but reconsider that notion when you check out these delicious-looking peanut butter cookie spiders from Tieghan at Half Baked Harvest. They’re adorable, filled with chocolatey-peanut-buttery goodness and perfectly on theme for Halloween. Yum!


Rice Krispies pumpkins

Rice krispies pumpkins |

Photo courtesy of Chocolate Moosey

Rice Krispies treats are a hit with kids no matter the occasion, but Rice Krispies stuffed with candy and shaped into pumpkins? Now that is something just plain out of this world! Check out Carla at Chocolate Moosey‘s recipe for how to put together these adorable Rice Krispies pumpkin treats.


Candy corn cups

Candy corn cups |

Photo courtesy of Glorious Treats

If you’re creating a finishing course for adults who like their sweet treats a little more sophisticated, or even if it’s simply for kids who prefer to have their desserts all to themselves, these candy corn cheesecake mousses created by Glory at Glorious Treats might be just what you’re looking for.


Ghost cupcakes

Ghost cupcakes |

Photo courtesy of Everyday Southwest

When you want to impress folks but don’t have a lot of time to bake, these fast and easy Halloween cupcakes created by Sandy and Donna at Everyday Southwest will really come in handy. They’re equal parts spooky and adorable, which makes them a great treat for any potluck, party or other gathering this holiday.


Orange jack-o’-lanterns

Orange jack o'lanterns |

Photo courtesy of Chocolate-covered Katie

We all deserve to take some time to relax and indulge a little, and Halloween is a great time to do that. But if you’d rather stick to healthy choices than chow down on a box of mini chocolate bars, Katie of Chocolate-covered Katie has your back. Thanks to her clever orange jack-o’-lanterns, you can enjoy a nutritious and absolutely adorable Halloween dessert.

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